Wednesday, 17 August 2011

As time closes in - Part Two: WIP Painting


Well the 40k Online (Forum) Tournament is closing in fast.  In my previous post I discussed the army list I want to take.  Part of the reason I booked up for the tournament is that having an upcoming tournament seems to be one of the best ways to to motivate myself to get more models painted.

For my proposed new army list (see my previous post) I will need:
A small Beastmaster unit
A Razorwing Jetfighter
A completed unit of Reavers


Previously I bought some small fusion gun tips from ebay.  That I will use to add to my old blaster models to make heat lances.  Also I will have to paint up one bike to match the rest.  I haven't started on any of this yet, so pics will have to follow later in the week.  If all else fails I could borrow a bike from a mate, but hopefully I should be able to fit these in.

Beastmaster Unit

I've converted and uncoated three hellions to be my first three beastmasters.

I ordered a few spare whips, daggers, swords and spare heads from ebay a while ago.  I wanted to use the heads pictured below, however because people are using them for wrack conversions they are sold out on all the bits websites in the uk, and nothing was available on ebay.  I still like the helmeted heads I used so I'm not too disappointed.
(typicaly now one set of these heads have popped up on ebay).

The bare headed beastmaster at the front will be the leader, and has one of the hellion hellglaives cut down slightly to be a long blades staff.  The models were easy to put together and was a joy to convert.

I'll be using old choas hounds (I'll post pics when the unit is nearer completition).  Luckily these are already painted.  Unfortunately I know I won't have a chance to get the razorwing flocks done in time for the tournament (as it's only this weekend), so I'm going to borrow 4 razorwing flocks from my mate for the tournament.

Although I'll won't be using all my own models, I will get valueable practice using the beastmaster unit at this tournament, plus it will give me an excellent start for getting a bigger unit ready for the Mutually Assured Destruction tournament in October which is 1800 points and uses a bigger beastmaster unit.

Razorwing Jetfighter

Last time I showed a pic of my razorwing it was only partially assembled, because I wanted to take my time and make sure it was fully magnetized.  I bought some more magnets from ebay, some 60mm ones to compliment my 20mm ones.
Now you have to be careful with the magnets, the larger ones are particularly strong, and they pulled the smaller set straight through their original plastic bag when I tried to seperate them :)

Since them I've magnetised all the weapons in the weapons loadout used in my tournament army list.  I used 23 magnets in the end, and will need another 19 magnets to magnetise the last 3 weapons and 8 missiles.

I've also been busy painting over the last two evenings.  I haven't finished the Razorwing, but I've easily got it past the stage where I could take it to the tournament.  Because I have so much else to paint and so few days left, I'm only going to do another 20 minutes on it tomorrow night before I start the beastmasters.  Here's some more work in progress pics, I need to do more highlighting of the purple, add further thin highlights on the blue and purple areas, highlights to break up the large black areas, and finish the gems.

I haven't glued the hulls together yet.  The tail fin holds the top and bottom sections of the hull together fine.

I'll aim to get a picture of the finished army before the tournament, otherwise I'll post some shots via my mobile of the army in action at the tournament.



  1. Looking like they are well on thair way! Only a few days left though! Why is it we always seem to leave things until right near the end (finishing no doubt with a late night basing session!)

    The great thing at least is that this tournament doesn't enforce a 3 colour policy. You don't have to finish off things if you can't. Though an army scoring system rewards those who have fully painted armies of course, which I'm sure you are fully aware of by now anyway! Look forward to seeing your >finished< army on Sunday!

  2. Dude, very very nice Razorwing you have there. I really dig the two tone purple scheme.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Tonight I quickly finished off the razorwing for the tournament. I may have time to go back and do more detailing before the tournament, but my focus has to be on the beastmasters.

    Oink: Yep, my aim is to get the razorwing, beastmasters and reavers painted so I can get the tournament bonus point. I'm about a third of the way through the 3 beastmasters now.

    LuckyNo5: Thanks for the kind words. Having an upcoming tournament with the larger points size is helping me to get new units painted up. For the Oct tournament I'll be expanding the beastmasters by painting up some forgeworld flying rippers to represent razorwing flocks.




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