Wednesday, 3 August 2011

[40k] July Review


This is going to be a very quick review because not much has happened. I've done very little painting and no gaming at all. I've occassionly popped into my local club and local GW on their games nights, but watching games is no substitute for playing.

Part of the issue, along with real life being very busy, is that there is such a big gap between my last tournment and my next one. To give me a bit of a push I have signed mysef up for 2 more tournanents; the 10th 40k Online tournament on the 21st August and the Battle for Planet OG - Part II on the 10th September. This brings me up to 5 tournaments for the rest of the year, nicely spread out between now and the end of November.

With Games Workshop focusing on Storm of Magic it's been rather quiet 40k wise. ok, we have had the first part of the Sisters of Battle mini-codex in White Dwarf, but until we see the point values it's best to wait before anybody starts saying their good or bad, but that won't stop the internet (which already seems to say their bad).

Focus for me over the next two weeks is to get some new models painted up, so I can use them in my upcoming tournanents.


PS. A battle report of my last game of the ASMOH tournament with my thoughts on how the various parts of my army performed is uploaded and scheduled to publish on Thursday evening.

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