Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Games Workshop FAQs - more are reappearing in their new home


When the Games Workshop website recently changed the FAQs disappeared.  However it was not long before they were found in their new home as part of the Black Library Digital Editions:

Initially there were only a few FAQs, but checking today there is a much longer lists.  I looked at the FAQs for Dark Eldar, Eldar, Tau & Space Wolves and they are the same as the ones that were on the old website.

I'm not sure if it was there was one before but there's a Farsight Enclave FAQ, it's only a small errata, but it's a nice one and stops one loop hole, by saying Aun'va and Shadownsun can be in a Farsight Enclave army (rather than detachment), so you can't get round the rule by using Tau Empire allies.

I'd doubt there will be much work done on the 40k FAQs if 7th Edition is a close as the rumours suggest, but at least most of the old ones are back.


Monday, 28 April 2014

7th Edition Rumours and a quick Hobby Summary/Update

[40k 7th Edition is coming, or 6.5 as some are calling it]


Just a quick post to share the interesting rumour that 7th Edition could be with us by the end of May.

Here's the link to the source (Naftka blog): 7th Edition Rumour Link

The main things I'm hoping for is that allies have to come from a single FOC slot, so they aren't just a way to get a 4th Heavy/Fast Attack/Elite slot, along with the additions that currently don't count as allies (ie. Inquisisition and Dataslate formations) using up the ally slot.

What are you hoping for in 7th edition, and do you think it's likely to make the game better or worse ?

If the rumours are true, we only have to wait a month.  I will have just finished painting up my Tau army's new units just in time for the new edition.  My Tau army is quite big now, so I can't see the new edition causing me to rush out and buy anything - unless they make Vespids good...  - I think I'm good :)

My Tau leads me onto my next topic...

Tau Army Expansion

I'm furiously painting up my Tau so they are ready for the 3 tournaments I have booked for May, June & July.  I have finished the Marker & Missile Drones, and hope to finish the Sniper Drones tonight or tomorrow (pics to follow shortly).  This will leave me with 2 weeks to paint up 2 broadsides, and do a minor greenstuff work on one of my converted Firesight Marksmen.  I'm a slow painter but it shouldn't be the rush I normally have before tournaments (the night before my 1st tournament with my Tau after the new codex I had to pull an all-nighter).

Geek Weekend & Gaming

Geek weekend was great fun (see the last post here).  I played a great game of Tau vs Nids on a heavy terrain board.  Apologies, my write up is well overdue.  Not only was it a fun game, but it was the first test of the new units I'm planning into my list and the units I've taken out.

Another game I've been able to get in was against Eldar.  It was a 2000 point game, so it allowed me to tag on 2 units I've wanted to experiment more with.  Although the additions showed their pros and cons the main list performed well (more on that later).

Along with a great 40k game over Geek Weekend, I got in some games of Infinity which was a lot of fun, however due to time constraints we didn't get in any Dystopian Wars.  Both systems I really want to play more, as they are great games and suitably different from 40k to bring something new to my gaming.

So there you go, a very quick update, with some more posts due in about a week, as I submit my list for the May tournament, and get into painting the last unit, plus a recap of my last couple of games and what I've learnt.



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