Tuesday, 29 December 2009

2010 Tournaments


With a resurgence in 40k gaming among my mates with us hitting a few tournaments in 2009, we're planning to hit as many as possible local tournaments, and maybe the GW GT as well, in 2010.

Below is a list of tournaments I hope to hit in 2010 (if you're also attending please come over and say hi):

Spiky Club One-Day 40k Tournament - 20th Feb

Great Devourer (One Day GW Tournament) - approx March (29th March in 2009)

A Small Matter of Honour (Basingstoke) - approx May (9th May in 2009)

40k Online Tournament (Bracknell) - 21st Aug

Starsmash (Spiky Club tournament held at Colours) - approx Sept (12-13 Sept in 2009)

Mayhem Octoberfest (Tolworth) - approx Oct (24-25th Oct in 2009)

GW Grand Tournament - Oct or Nov depending on which Heat

Total War III (Spiky Club tournament held at Warfare) - approx Nov (21-22 Nov in 2009)

There may be a few more we go to, but those are the main ones I hope to attend. If you know of any tournaments close to Reading please let me know.




The festive season is drawing to a close, and my thoughts turn to the upcoming year.

I'd like to set out what you can expect to read over the coming months.

I've been playing with my Tau army for the last few years now, and it reached that stage of maturity when I feel like I know how it plays, and the playstyles that suit me, but I am still exploring different tactics and army lists as I adjust to the different environment of 5th edition.

I'll be posting about my experiences trying out different tactics and army lists, battle reports against my friends (with hard but not cheesey tournament armies), any games I get at my LGS and local club (the Spiky club; http://www.spikyclub.com/), and my tournament experiences (look out for a further blog post about the tournaments I'll be attending).

As well as my experiences with my Tau, I'll be covering getting back into my Dark Eldar, and painting up and playing with both my Marine and my Space Wolf armies.  Getting use to how a different race plays will be interesting after so many years playing Tau exclusively.

I'm new to blogging, so and advice and comments would be greatly appreciated.



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