Sunday, 21 August 2011

As time closes in - Part Three: Final Preparations


I've just applied the static grass to the base of my razorwing, and will soon be packing the last models I was painting into the case for the tournament later today.  Talking of the razorwing, here's a pic I took of it in better light:

Although I tried to make it down to my local club last Thursday to try out my new list for the first time, work was too busy and I wouldn't have made to the club till over an hour after it started.  However as I was popping into my local GW to pick up some paints for basing today I decided to take my army, and I got to face an Imperial Guard army in a Anniliation mission in Dawn of War.

It's too late to do a batle report now (I need to be on the road to the tournament in just over 5 hours, but below is a picture of what I faced (minus some storm troopers who were deep-striking, a squad of guardsmen on the other side of the ruin in the top left of the picture, and a heavy weapons team of three missile launchers who were in a ruin just off to the right of the picture):
Yep, that's a 30 man blob in the forest complete with a commosair to make them stubbon.  I also had the joy of facing the special character Straken, while finding out that Imperial Guard HQs can get Feel No Pain with a medic.

I'll do a quick battle report next week after the tournament (so I won't give away the result).

As promised in my last post below is a pic of my beastmaster unit I'll be using in the tournament:
The beastmasters are only half finished in the picture.  You can see the old choas hounds I'm using as my krymera.  Please note that the really nice painted razorwing flocks are borrowed from a mate (as there was no way I'd get my forgeworld flying rippers painted up in time).

I'll post my progress in the tournament either in the comments to this post, or as seperate posts if I remember to take pictures.

Must get some sleep now :)


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