Friday, 17 August 2012

Home Gaming

Sometimes work and social life conspire to stop me from making it to either of my two supposedly regular gaming night's (my local GW and my local club). However to mitigate that, and to fulfil most gamers ideal environment I've purchased a GW gaming table.

Having a table at home means that games can be organised on the fly against anyone that has an army and can get to my house. No more waiting for the next games night.

The board also means you can arrange regular matches easier, such as evert second Tuesday for a campaign night to add an extra dimension to your games.

I already have 2 trestle tables for the gaming board to go on, and terrain to cover most of it. I just need to put together that City Fight terrain box set I boughts years ago :) What I like best about the GW board is that it is better looking than the flat green mat.  The stone and rocky outcrops, plus the in-built hills can be assembled in a number of configurations by switching boards around and can add to the tactical play.

Althought the GW option is very expensive, starting out at £175 unpainted, plus the cost of paint and flock on top of that, it really does look the business, and if you look at the cost over the years of use I think it's worth it. However I would still say getting one of two armies up to a decent size would come first (until then a green mat or playing down the local club/GW would suffice), and I wouldn't consider the gaming board if I didn't already have 3 40k armies and another with all the models bought to get it up to a decent size.

In this current climate it's always worth looking around. Rather than buying my board new and then spending the significant time, energy and further expense to decorate it, I was able to pick my board (pictured) from eBay for £141 (incl postage).

Has anyone gone for any of the GW or other manufacturers gaming boards, and what did you think of them ?


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Razorwing Jetfighter Loadout


While browsing the Dark City forum I came across a question on the best Razorwing loadout.  After writing an answer including my thoughts on why I'd picked each piece of wargear I'd thought I'd repost it here to see if it could be of use to others and spark some discussion on people's experiences with the Razorwing:

Forum Aswer:

Unless you have loads of anti tank I think the best load out is:

2 Dark Lances
Twin-linked Splinter Rifles
4 Monoscythe Missiles

My reasoning being:

Lances: You've already given up the slot that is normally filled by a ravager that is on the board turn one, so unless you list is filled with anti tank I'd take the lances.  However 6th edition has given us an improved way to kill vehicles in the form of haywire grenades.  If you have multiple wych squads and multiple trueborn sqyads with haywire you may feel that you can sacrifice the lances for disintegrators (I still wouldn't recommend the splinter cannon upgrade, as I'll explain next).

[Another good point Serin (see comments) raises is that if going after infantry the AP2 of the disintegrators does not mesh well with the missiles preferred target, so AP2 firepower is better left to dedicated units, eg. raiders with disintegratirs, trueborn with blasters etc.]

Splinter Rifles over Cannon:  In 5th edition I would have considered the splinter cannon, particularly if complimented by disintegrators, however zooming flyers can only fire 4 weapons a turn, and can only fire 2 missile a turn.  Therefore if you come on turn 2 you will probably fire the 2 wing mounted weapons and 2 missiles.  If you don't zoom off the board you will probably fire the same weapons again turn 3.  Therefore the earliest that you will fire the splinter cannon is turn 4, however that is unlikely, as you will probably have lost a turn either by not turning up till turn 3 or zooming off the board for a turn.  I think it's likely that you won't fire the splinter cannon till turn 5.  I just don't think the splinter cannon is worth it for how often it will be fired in addition to the wing mounted weapons.  The splinter cannon may be fired earlier, eg. a weapon gets blown off by damage, or you are firing at a target that it would be better than one of the wing mounted weapons, but how often this will happen does not warrarent spending the points when they could be spent better elsewhere.

Monoscythe Missiles:  These cost nothing extra while the tempting shatterfield missiles cost 10 pts each.  Ignoring other upgrades consider a razorwing upgraded with 4 shatterfield missiles is 185 pts, while a Void Raven with 4 shatterfield missiles is also 185 pts.  There is the issue that we don't have a Void Raven model, but I would advise against upgrading the missiles as 10 pts per shot is too much for the small increase in efficiency.  Not to mention the Ap5 of the monoscythe means it's better against a number of non-MEQ targets.  If you have 20 pts spare I can see adding two shatterfield missiles, but once a Void Raven model is available I would never use shatterfields on razorwings - if you can afford the 20 pts to have 2 shatterfield missiles on a razorwing you can probably find 20 more points to have a Void Raven with 4 shatterfield missiles.

[Correction (thanks Serin): A razorwing only pays 5 pts to upgrade the missiles, however I'd advise taking more than 2 as the monoscythe is better against a number of foes due to it's AP5.  With 6th edition there is a case that the str7 is better against vehicles, but unless opponents surround their vehicles with infantry you are wasting alot of anti infantry firepower for a small chance of an extra hull point damage]

Flickerfield:  A nice cheap upgrade that will allow the razorwing to take a 5+ save against hits without diving, and having significantly reduced shooting efficiency the following turn.

As with most DE units keeping it cheap (155 pts or the basic 145 pts if you forgo the flickerfield) is the best way forward.  Well that's my opinion, but everyone's opinion is formed by their own experiences, so let me know what you've found to work.


PS. A link to the original forum post is here, and if you collect Dark Eldar and if you do not visit The Dark City forum I would highly recommend it.


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