Thursday, 22 December 2011

Necron Crypteks: Trying more out


Until I build two annihiliation barges I have 180 points to try out other stuff in my 1750 point list.

For my last battle I converted two models to be Harbringers of Despair.  I use the Pretorians models as the base, then added the lychguard loin cloths, filed down the shoulder pads where the jump infantry equipment would attack, and finally used deathmark heads.

Going back to my last battle, I took the list I showed in my last post minus the annihilation barges, and added:

  1) Whip Coils for the Wraiths, and 2 extra scarabs instead of one annihilation barge

  2) 2 Harbringers of Despair, one with a Veil of Darkness instead of the other barge

The idea behind adding the Harbringers of Despair was to add some low AP weaponry to the army, and to more mobility to one of the large immortal units with the veil allowing them to better support the wraith & scarabs and threaten distant objectives.

I won't go into much detail of the game, as we only got 2 turns in each, but it was looking like it was heading towards a tabling of my mech guard opponent.  He had lost a lemn russ, a leman russ with the str 6 ignore cover turret (nightmare against my scarabs), 3 chimeras, and one gun from a hydra.  I had lost 3 wraiths, the command barge, and one scarab squad had been mauled down to 2 bases (after being on 12 bases at one point).  I had next turn, and 2 hyrdas would have died to scarabs and my dismounted overlord, a manticore would have died to the wraiths and destroyer lord, and the last chimera would probably died to lances or immortals would have wreaked through weight of fire.

But how did I think the extra stuff I added to the army instead of the annihilation barges performed and whether they would stay:

Whip Coils: This upgrade didn't have the opponents to test them, but I think they will be useful against opponents which have multiple high str attacks (eg. dreadnaughts and grey knights).  Allowing the wraiths and particularly the destroyer lord attack first against such opponents could be crucial.  I will playtest more with these upgrades, as they are expensive (at 60 pts for the squad) and do nothing against powerfirst and thunderhammers.

Extra Scarabs:  After 2 turns the scarabs normally go from 16 to 22 models, so they normally rech combat, however I say how certain weapons could wipe them out very quickly, and sometimes there is not the cover or intervening models to give them a 3+ cover save.  If possible I will look at my list to see of I can fit in any more, eg. losing an immortal from each squad to fit in 2 more scarabs.

Harbringer of Despair:  I was not too impressed with these.  If the immortals do their job they should not be in flamer range of the enemy, particularly as they have assault weapons to move away from the enemy.  I think I will drop the basic Harbringer of Despair for 2 more scarabs immediately.

Veil of Darkness:  Although not used in the 2 game turns, I could see myself using the veil in turns 3 or 4 to threaten the guard objective held by 30 guardsmen, allowing me to target them with both immortal units, as well as the depleted wraiths.  I will give the Veil a few more test runs.  The ability to move a large unit accross the board to where the action is or to capture an objective should come in handy.

A last thought I had from the game, was that again the warriors did nothing.  The Harbringers of Destruction killed a chimera and took one weapon off a hydra.  I could lose one unit, but for the moment I think I keep them as losing the basic Harbringer of Destruction will leave me with 39 scoring models.  Normally that would be a good number, but as all of mine are on foot, slow, and without a transport to hide in, I may need all I've got if the enemy decided to target them.

That's all for now.  I should have another game with my necrons later this week, plus I be posting up Starsmash Part II which is all about deployment.


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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Necrons Slowly Rise


I just came back from my local Games Workshop, and I got in a quick 1500 point with my Necrons.  I've still got to assemble 2 Annihilation Barges, but the lists I've been using so far have had over half the points in agressive assault units, which is odd given that Necrons are a mid range shooty army, but the army has been fun to play.  For 1750 points I'll just add in the Annihilation Barges to even it out.

Below is  the list I intend to take down my local club, and the army should get some good test games over the xmas break.

How does my list fair against the local necron lists you've seen or played against ? Do you think necrons will have any effect on the tournament scene ?


Necron 1750 Point Army List:

Overlord - 100
Command Barge - 80

Destroyer Lord - 160 (joins wraiths)
  2+ save, Mindshackle Scarabs

10 Immortals (Tesla Carbines) - 170

10 Immortals (Tesla Carbines) - 170

5 Warriors - 65
Cryptek, HoD**, Solar Pulse - 55

5 Warriors - 65
Cryptek*, HoD - 35

5 Warriors - 65
Cryptek*, HoD - 35

7 Scarabs - 105

7 Scarabs - 105

6 Wraiths - 210

3 Spyders - 150

Annihilation Barge - 90

Annihilation Barge - 90

Total: 1750pts, 66 models.

* Crypteks sometimes join the immortals allowing the small warrioir squads to go into reserve.
** HoD = Harbringer of Destruction, so has a lance (Str8, AP2, 36" range, Assault 1)

I may drop 2 immortals to give the overlord a 2+ save and mindshackle scarabs, but so far the overlord tends not to voluntary get off his barge.


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