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Auctions Coming Very Soon

Dark Elf Army - pictures below
Faceboook Marketplace:  https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/274844337268794
Ebay Auction Link: coming soon 

Idoneth Deepkin (Dark Elf allies) - see pictures below

Aos Spell Models - pictures below

The full list of all the models for sale is at the bottom after all the pictures

Auctions to come:

Skaven - because I've had queries about the skaven army here is a link to a listing of the army content and pictures of the army:  https://rathstarramblings.blogspot.com/p/skaven-army-for-sale.html

Dark Elf Army Pics

A unit of Idoneth Deepkin Cavalry:

Some AoS Spell Models:

Full List of models for sale:

Lord on Dragon (Extremely well painted)

Sorceress on Dragon (Painted to Good standard)

Sorceress on Dragon, magnetised torso (Dragon painted to gaming standard, sorceress unpainted, and magnetised at waist)

2 x Hydras (Original metal models, well painted, touch-up required around neck repairs)

43 Crossbowmen (well painted, with 2 nice commands)

49 Spearmen (painted to gaming standard)

Dreadlord & 39 Black Ark Corsairs (well painted, one needs repair)

5 Drakespawn Knights / Cold One Riders (very well painted)

3 x 5 Dark Riders (converted from wood elf cavalry, 1 unit well painted, 2 units painted to gaming standard)

33 (Original metal) Black Guard with 2 Commands (painted to good gaming standard)

20 (Current model plastic) Black Guard (painted to good gaming standard)

33 Executioners with 2 Commands (12 very well painted, 15 well painted, 6 unpainted of which 1 needs a base)

Extra models included:

Haq Queen, 15 Painted Witch Elves, 8 Part Painted Witch Elves

3 Idoneth Deepkin Cavalry (magnetised weapons so can be both variants)

7 Scouts (well painted)

9 Harpies (well painted)


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