Saturday, 19 June 2010

Warmachine - Retribution it is then...

[Image is the copyright of Privateer Press]


As I mentioned in my previous post I was tempted to get into Warmachine, and I had bought the rulebook while I was on holiday in the States. Well after reading some of the rulebook on holiday I went back to the store and got the Retribution army book. I was also going to buy the heavy warjack boxset, but unfortunately the shop had sold out by the time I went back.

I've thought up a starting 15 pt force which consists of:
Dawnlord Vyros (Dawnguard Warcaster) -6 pts
6 Dawnguard Invictors 6 pts
Manticore (Heavy Warjack) 8 pts
Griffin (Light Warjack) 4 pts
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (Solo) 3 pts

It should be a nice starting army and allow me to learn the rules. The Invictors and Eiryss give me some short range shooting, but the main aim of the list is combat, with the warcaster and Invictors ability to get an extra damage dice if a warjack is in melee range of their target, hence the addition of the griffin with it's reach ability.

Whether the list will work on the battle field I've no idea, but it should be fun.

It also looks like Privateer Press are starting to release plastic battlgroup sets, unfortunately there isn't a Retribution set, does anyone know if one is planned ?

As I haven't got a job at the moment I promised myself I won't buy any more Warmachine stuff until I've earned the equivilant amount by selling GW stuff on ebay, so I won't be painting up any Warmachine models for a while, plus I want to concentrate on my Space Wolves in the hope I can use them in some tournaments later in the year. I'll try to get some Warmachine games in at my club using Tau models to represent my Retribution list, while waiting to see if the Retribution warjacks will some out in plastic.


Saturday, 5 June 2010


[Image is the copyright of Privateer Press]

I've always been on the lookout for a non-GW game to get into. I've been stung before by finding a game with great rules and models (in this case Confrontation) but finding too few people to play against.

While on holiday I popped into a independent GW retailer to pick up White Drawf for the new Spearhead rules. In the end I decided not to buy White Drawf because I thought it wasn't worth the price for 7 pages of rules, as I thought the rest of the magazine was it's usual poor standard (especially as I can see GW releasing the Spearhead rules on their website in a few months). However I did pick up a copy of the Warmachine rules.

I've heard nothing but great things about Warmachine, from the good rules to Privateer Press's attention to game balance and rule erratas if something turns out to be over/under-powered. The models are also nice, and I wouldn't have to throw hundreds of pounds into it to get a playable force.

Reading through the rulebook has only reinforced this view, although I appreciate that you can only tell so much by reading the rules, and only actual games will really show if my early conclusions are correct.

I'm tempted to start a Retribution force, they remind me of the Tau mecha style. I've posted on the forum of my local gaming club and have found out a few people do have forces, so I should be able to get a game, plus I looked around for tournaments I have found there are a few, which is a good sign.

So what do people think of Warmachine ? Do you play it, what do you think of the game balance, and how does it compare to GW's games ?



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