Friday, 5 January 2018

Conversion Corner [Bloodbowl - Chaos Dwarves]

Just a quick post to let you know about some converting I've been doing.

With a new season of bloodbowl with my mates about to start I decided to start a new team.  Last year I converted a Norse team:
and keeping the Av7 lineman theme, but with tougher, slower other players I opted for Chaos Dwarves, a team I'd always admired.

I used the new GW Dwarf linemen as the Chaos Dwarf Blockers.  For the hobgoblins I used the bodies of Skaven Stormvermin, with the tails snipped off.  For the hand and heads I was going to use old fantsay hobgoblins, but I found the hands looked too big compared to the stormvermin bodies, so I used the new GW goblins, using the goblins heads with helmets as they looked the closest to the old hobgoblin models.

For the Bull Centaurs I used AoS Chaos Knight horses, with the new GW Dwarf blitzer with added horns made with the spikes from the Dark Eldar Venom.  I'll eventually get round to converting the Bull Centaur star player using another of the Dwarf positional players, and the other Dwarf positional players will be good to convert into other star players.

I was tempted with buying the really nice Forgeworld Minotaur, but I'd already purchased the Silver Tower model to be my Minotaur, and he has an imposing stance.

Here's the team ready for battle:

For my first game I played my mates Underworld team, and I was feeling good having killed a Goblin, until a Chaos Dwarf blocker died in turn 8 of the 2nd half.  It was a fun but brutal game, not surprising with the Underworld team fielding all 3 big guys:
[Turn 1 with Underworld about to receive]
[It looks like a great confrontation, but the Bull Centaur is happy there's a square between them]

I still need to green stuff the gap where the Bull Centaur torso meets the Chaos Knight horse's lower body, but they are ready for a few games against mates.

Unlike my Norse which are still grey plastic I hope to get this team painted over the season in between my Tau and Dark Eldar painting, so further updates will follow showing my progress.  Well I won't be using my full compliment of Chaos Dwarf blockers for a while, so I have a model to test my paint scheme :)

What do you think of my new team, and what projects are you working on ?



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