Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Two Blasters from each Kabalite Warrior Box, plus Status Update


I recently came accross this, and thought I'd share it.  The "blaster" on the left in the pic is actually made from a shredder and a blast pistol.

This simple, yet great, idea was posted on heresy-online by Strange Dude. Follow the link here to go to the forum thread, which includes pictures of the exact pieces to use and where to make the cuts; basically cut the nozzle of the shredder and replace it with the blast pistol nozzle, and then remove the shredder ammo canister.

I'm going to use this method to make 2 extra trueborn from a box of warriors I bought to convert into scourges (with blood angel wings).


Painting, building and converting models has kind of grind to a halt after the rush to get my Dark Eldar army ready for the two tournaments over the last two weekends.  It's always good to take a short break after tournaments to reflect and recover.  However I do have a few projects I want to get started:
  • Making Scourges from Warriors and Blood Angel Wings
  • Making a 6th Reaver jetbike
  • Finish getting my Space Wolves in a state I can use it in games against my mates
I'm also completing battlereports from the two tournaments I recently attended (Game 3 of ASMOH is 80% done), expect a post in the new few days.

My next tournament has been booked as Compliance II at Triple Helix Wargames, so lots of playtesting to do until then, plus hopefully finishing my scourges and/or jetbike to give me more options.



  1. For the extra blasters, if you don't want to sacrifice a Blast Pistol, here is my method:

  2. WOW, that is so damn clever!
    I must make a mental note for the future.

  3. Rath, sorry I have been gone so long!!!! Just finally got a chance to catch up on everything, and wanted to say congrats on the 5th place with your DE. I am now in Afghanistan, so no more 40k for me for a year!!!:( I have already preordered all the models that I want for my Haemy coven, and they will be waiting for me when I return though!! Also, ordered a few of the Venoms, even though I think the convert pics I sent you will work just fine, seeing as you, me, and GW seem to all be telepathically linked on the Venom lol!!!! Will check back when I can and post comments when I can!!! Take care and keep the Mon Keigh in fear until my return!!!!

  4. Galador: Take care, and return safely.



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