Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Dark Eldar June Advance Orders (updated with Razorwing Pics)

Just a quick update to let those that don't know, that the Dark Eldar advance orders are up on the Games Workshop website.

The advance orders cover models being released on the 4th June.  The release covers:

Talos Pain Engine
Cronos Parasite Engine

So unfortunately there's no sign of either flyer.  I'm a bit disappointed but hopefully they'll come out soon.

A battleforce is also released containing: warriors, wyches, a raider and 3 jetbikes.  Not a bad selection of models that you'll use in nearly any army list (if you're not using warriors you'll probably be using trueborn).  At £60 the battleforce is a £13 saving, and I think two battleforces would be a very nice start to an army.

The scourges look very dynamically posed, so I'm torn between converting warriors with blood angel wings or just waiting for the new models.  The main advantage with using warriors is that I'll have them finished in time for a tournament mid June.

The Talos and Cronos look radically different from the current Talos model, and also miles different from my converted model.  However this is in no way a bad thing as the models are absolutely gorgeous, and will also be a converters wet dream.

The venom, as expected, is based on the venom, even down to the closed canopy.  I prefer the open canopy on my converted venoms (but then I would say that :) ).  Luckily the placement of the weapons is the same on the official model and my converted version so there no chance of having any issues at tournaments.

Hopefully with these models now released we may see an increase in the number of Dark Eldar players at tournaments, and an increase in those doing well.  However I think we really need the wracks and flyers to be released for most people to have every model they want to use available.


Update: Now that blogger is back up I can now post pics of the (OMG) Razorwing Jetfighter (which is due for release on 18th June.  I'll be getting one of these as soon as they come out.


  1. Got a leaked image. Flyers're coming.

    About bloody time, too.

  2. The new flyers is amazing, I can't wait till June to get one.




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