Saturday, 7 May 2011

ASMOH Mid Tournament with Army Pics (updated with final results)


I'm half way through the tournament, having played the two 1250 point games.

I lost the first game 6-8 on kill points. The enemy, Space Wolves, had 6 scouts in one corner of the board, and one last wolf guard that refused to die in the other corner.

In the second game I tabled an Eldar army.

The pictures of the army are:
The 1750 army has a whole
The Coven portion
The Kabel portion
The Wych Cult portion

I'll post my final placing in the as an update this evening.


A quick post tournament update:


Well the tournament is over. I had a pleasent evening with mates discussing our armies performance.

In the end I won my last two games, ending the day on 3 wins and one loss. I had a great day and four great games.

The final results sheet showsed that I was 9th place. however I think there was a mistake with the results as I came below my mate who finished with with 2 wins, a draw amd a loss. As the difference between a draw and a loss was 20 points, the extra 3 or 4 extra painting points my mate may have got could't have put him higher than me (especially as the top three players had 3 wins and a draw, and I was expecting to finish around 4th or 5th).

Update 14/05/11:  It was confirmed my last results was entered wrong.  My placing on the final official results is 5th.  I'm quite pleased with 5th out of 50 for my first tournament with the new codex.

It was a great event as always,. I thought I played well overall, but made mistakes in my first game which would have made it a closer game.

A brief over view of the second two games was that I was getting slaughtered by a Dark Angels player but luckily pulled out a win because the game ended on turn 5 (careful observation of the objectives helped here), and in the last game I won against Nurgle Marines (who had very little long ranged firepower).

A blog post about my thoughts and learnings will follow shortly.


PS. I big hi goes out to Firewasp who I met at the tournament. Firewasp was flying the flag for the Tau. It was also interesting that I was the only Dark Eldar player/

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  1. Glad you did well at the tournanment, Shame I didn't put in a better showing then I did. I think It's quite telling of the army list that I took that the only game I managed to draw was against a mech space marine army. Which is what my army was more geared towards facing. My other opponents were mainly playing horde (orks) or mostly null deployment outflanking lists. Which my army really struggles against.



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