Thursday, 25 February 2010

My 1st 40k Tournament of 2010 - Ticket Purchased


With one tournament moved from February to late May, and the other tournaments early in the year being very far away, I have finally bought my first tournament ticket of 2010.

I'll be attending a 1 day tournament run by the Sad Muppets Society, called "A Small Matter of Honour" on 8th May. It's 2 games at 1250 pts followed by 2 games at 1750 pts (if you're interested here's the rulespack).

I've already got my draft army lists, and will getting some practice games with them over the next few weeks to ensure I like how they work, particularly the 1250 pt list as haven't played that points value before.

My 1750 list is the one I posted here, which I still haven't had a chance to field test yet. For the 1250 pt list I dropped a Hammerhead, one of the Pathfinder units, and the Fireknife Crisis Suits (I had to drop a heavy support and an elite choice because of the force organisation chart allowed for the smaller games).

Wish me Luck, and look forward to practice game battle reports, and the eventual tournament report.




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