Tuesday, 1 February 2011

[40k] January Review


Well January has flown by, so let's take a recap of what's happened with my armies/hobby and other events that have happened.

40k Painting

Early in the month I wanted to increase the amount of painting I did on my armies, with the intention of going from one tournament ready* to three by the end of the year. What came out of these blog posts (link and link) was that I wanted to stay focused and try to catch some painting time in whenever possible (even if it was only half an hour at a time).

Coming out from this I put a army progress tracker in the sidebar:
As you can see there has been a bit of progress in January; the Space Wolves assembling is going well and I should have the army in a state where I can play games against my mates without borrowing their marine armies by the end of February. Unfortunately when I paint the infantry I paint the heads and backpacks seperately, so the army is will not be in a state to take down the local GW store or gaming club till it's completely finished.

The Dark Eldar are also making progress with the venom cut-up and put back together. The plasticard has been bought for the new crew area, and a simple design created on the computer to use as a template. The new raider keel blades have also arrived. I just not sure what to use for the splinter cannons (which go for quite a bit each on ebay). I have four of the old splinter cannons so I may use those (but they don't look nearly as nice as the new ones).

I've also been redesigning the blog a bit, and a new area is a My Armies page. At the moment it only contains my current army lists, but here's a sneak peak of some of my Dark Eldar pics that I will be putting in there soon (including one of my converted Talos you've probably read me lament that it won't be in my new army list):

Goal for February will be to get the Dark Eldar Venoms fully assembled, paint the new Ravager (it's was converted to match the rest of my army this month), and finish assembling the Space Wolves up to 1500 pts.

Other Hobby News

Later in the month my Tau were not forgotten, and I considered removing both railheads to increase the firepower in the list, in this post. I have another broadside unit, but it needs painting, so some Tau might make it onto the painting table.

Other Hobby news is that a tournament that I want to attend (A Small Matter of Honour, hosted by the Sad Muppets Society club in Basingstoke), will be allowing people to reserve and buy tickets soon. My Tau have gone 2 years in a row (and came 3rd last year), should they be given another chance, or should they move a side for my Dark Eldar ?

Grey Knights looks like they are coming soon, Warseer is good if your want to see all the current rumours. Personally all three of my armies like the idea of expensive marines to kill, but we'll have to see what nasty new toys they bring to the fight.

GW has released some updated FAQs, highlight being DE have a FAQ now, and Dark Angels and Black Templars being updated with the new marine codex equipment (they can now use the new storm shield rules). The DE FAQ was not mind blowing but is nice to have an official ruling on some ambigious rules (blog post here). While they were at it, GW also released the Stormraven and BA Dreadnaught for preorder.

Gaming News

Unfortunately gaming was a complete fail for me this month. My new job is a nightmare commute, so if I leave at early at 5pm, I'll barely make the local gaming club for the 7pm start, and so far I've been able to leave anywhere near 5pm on the club gaming night. To make matters worse my mates have got into Magic, so there's been half a dozen magic nights over the month, but only one 40k night, for which I got to late (work again) to see the end of a Dark Eldar vs Guard battle before the rest of the night was taken over by Magic.

I'll try and get some games in during February especially as I need the practice, either my new Tau list, or my Dark Eldar which I definitely need more practice with.

So what's happened with you over January, and what are looking forward to in February ?


* in this case tournament ready means painted and ready to be allowed in a tournament, not how competitive it is.

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