Saturday, 15 January 2011

Dark Eldar FAQ Revealed

Well GW has released a Dark Eldar FAQ, which I think is quite quick for GW, normally it's ages before an FAQ comes out for a new codex.

So lets take a look at any important answers (here's a link to the FAQ):

Most of the errata section is just obvious typos/mistake that made it into the codex. Moving onto the FAQ section things get a bit more interesting.

The section starts of with a few questions surrounding how feel no pain interacts with models that do not have feel no pain, basically if you don't have the feel no pain rule you can never get any benefits from pain tokens.

Next is a few clarification questions, eg. how to measure the line for reaver's bladevanes attack, whether you get a pain token from a necron unit where some of the memebers join other units through WBB.

2 rulings that that did pip my interest were regarding the Void Mine and the Aethersails.

The Void Mine can be dropped regardless of how far the Voidraven has moved, and it doesn't count towards the number of weapons the Voidraven can fire. Before I was thinking the voidraven was a weapon and therefore could not be dropped if the vehicle moved more than 12" with this new clarification you can move up to 36" while dropping the void mine. The Voidraven is still and expensive and fragile model (if if it is the toughest in the DE codex), but this clarifiaction may convince some people to splash out on one as a 3rd heavy support choice.

Aethersails can not be used if a unit disembarks from the vehcile. This will only come up when you disembark to assault a unit of cature an objective and want to speed off to contest another objective with the vehicle. An extra 7" may be nice, but I don't think it is game changing. The important thing is that the vehicle is only restricted from using the aethersails when a unit dsembarks, so the tactic I was going to use, which is to have my succubus and heamy swapping units on turn 1 to move about pain tokens and then they embark on a raider with their units and then move off 12+2D6 inches to catch up with the rest of my army. The last thing you want with combat units is to have them stranded far away if their raider is blown up.

Even though the clarifiaction didn't change how I was going to use aethersails (embarking speed boost, and general speed boost to my other advancing raiders), I still considering whether they are worth it. I'd save 25 pts accross my army if I removed them. That's enough to put a liquifier gun on my haemy and in the wrack squad. I'll playtest the sails for a few more turns and get you know my final decision.

So overall most of the FAQ is probably just clarifying issues the way people who play it anyway (with a small boost to the void mine), but its nice to have the clarifications in black and white, and I doubt any of the clarifications will change the way anyone will approach how they build their army list or play during a game much.

Did you spot any gems in any of the new FAQs released this week ?



  1. I thought it was quite a good thing where they updated the wargear. When they said to change all instances of "special" to "type", it will have a good impact on what people use for their Archons and Haemonculus.

    Been reading you for a few months, Rathstar and been loving all of it!!! Great DE advice for an old 2nd ed player coming back into the game... keep it up!!!!

  2. Thanks for the kind works about the blog. There will more a bigger proportion of DE posts going forwards as they join my Tau as a tournament ready army, and I try to get loads of practice games before I unleash them on a tournament.


  3. Its a shame that your in the UK, cause I am the only Dark Eldar player in my local Metagame. I have mostly Space Wolves and Orks around here. I would love to face some Tau and see how the DE stack against them. I know that the two Eldar players around here hate facing me cause they were used to being the fastest armies before I showed up lol!!!

  4. Not to mention our transports are half the cost of theirs so we have many more :)

    What a strange meta, it means you are mostly facing one of two opposites, a slow (once de-meched) elite army and a fast (if they bring transports) horde army. A balanced list should be fine; ravagers with dark lances, few raiders with lances and a few venoms, with loads of troops on the transports.

    I find the DE troops to be better at anti-infantry (particularly light infantry) so I make the vehicles slightly more anti-tank and anti-MEQ to give a balance overall.




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