Saturday, 7 August 2010

Dark Eldar, a lure away from the Greater Good

Well gaming life has been very empty over the last week or so, loads of interviews, interview prep & organising my son's birthday party getting priority. It's mainly been reading blogs & forums, and considering what army I should use for my upcoming tournament in 2 weeks.

My Space Wolves will not be ready for months, and more like a year at my current pace, which is pretty pad considering that all the vehicles are already painted and I only need to paint grey hunters and thunder wolves.

Therefore the choice is between my Tau and Dark Eldar. Going over my Tau army's performance I'm happy with all the units in there, my only idea is to lose 1 crisis suit to gain 10 kroot to give me a 4th scoring unit. My Dark Eldar have been calling to me, as a option that would give me a break from the Tau. Sometimes a small break from an army can allow you to return refreshed with new enthusiasm.

On ebay I picked up some models that would allow me try out some different options with the dark eldar. My current army only has 2 wych units and 1 warp beast unit, so I couldn't try out a wych cult, and it also didn't have any Haemonculi or Grotesques. Three things I have never tried out with my dark eldar are:

1) Web way portals (which I think are best carried by Haemonculi)

2) A more assault based army

3) A lord with grotesques (the lord wins the combat and the grotesques make the enemy run away)

With that in mind I bought the contents of the following picture, and 10 choas hounds I have (to use as Space Wolf hounds) could be used as 2 units of warp beasts.

My one reservation with dark eldar at tournaments is that they bleed kill points, the last 1750 point army list I made had 20 kill points in it, however the list did have some very small squads, and going more assault orientated I'd have less but more expensive squads which would lower the kill point total a few.

So should I continue with the Tau, or try out the Dark Eldar ? The Tried & Tested (but found wanting) or the Call of the Dark Side (which needs massacres to win annihilation games). I should just get back to building and painting some models :)


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