Saturday, 21 August 2010

9th 40k Online Tournament Results

I've just got back from the 9th 40k Online Tournament, and we're about to head into town to celebrate, and relax after a hard day's gaming; 4 games squeesed into one day is tiring.

A quick update to let you know the results I got 3 wins and a loss, and came 5th. I played:

Deathwing - I tabled him
Farsight Tau - I tabled him
Eldar - I won 9-7 on kill points (getting 1050 victory points, which were used for ties)
Tyranid - I underestimated the list and lost 1-0 on objectives, after my line was cracked wide open and I had to change my tactics to killing the enemy troops, 5 hormagaunts and a broodlord (sitting on a objective) were still left after 7 turns, all I had left was 2 devilfish gun drones :)

I knew the armies for the top 3 players, which were Guard, Tyranids & Eldar, so unless the 4th place person was Tau this would make it 3 tournaments in a row that I have been the highest placed Tau player :)

Battle reports for this and the 2 previous tournaments will follow soon.



  1. Awesome result dude!!! Looking forward to the battle reports.

  2. Glad to see a Tau player kicking it for the greater good and showing what the Tau can do.

  3. Nice! Keep up the good work, interested in seeing your battle reports.

  4. Good results. Deathwing to Tau are like a little present tied up in a bow - it almost feels bad to start ripping it apart with your plasma rifles ;) Well played, and will we be seeing any batreps? Photos?



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