Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Mark of the Wolfen, Thunderwolves & Skaven Magic Cards

[Picture of my Skaven army during their last tournament, on their "movement tray"]

With three more interviews this week, and more personal stuff getting in the way it's been another slow week gaming wise. However I have managed to half assemble two units of grey hunters for my space wolves, including deciding how I was going to model my mark of the wolfen.

I decided to take the claws from one of the lightning claws and cut it in two and attach one part to each of his hands and then also give him the wolf head. Here's a pick of the model half assembled, showing the claws:

My aim was to half assemble all the models I need to field the army, so I could have a game against my mate on thursday, but interviews and interview prep knocked that idea into touch :( As part of the army I'll be assembling Mr. Dandy's thunderwolves, so I'll take pictures and do a review when I get round to it. Brad on the Space Wolves Grey blog saw some in real life and said they looked really nice, here's a link to his tournament report which has pictures of the thunderwolves. By the way the blog is a great resource for Space Wolf generals and I would advise any Space Wolf generals to check it out.

In other news I was jealous of the new 8th edition magic card decks, so I made my own for my skaven army. I found this excellent forum post which showed cards already written with Magic the Gathering pictures included to add flavour, so after buying new ink for my printer it was a quick evenings work while watching TV. Below is a picture of the finished cards:

They look much better in real life (see the good pictures in the forum post). Next time I'll be taking pictures in better light and with my other half's camera rather than my mobile :)

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