Saturday, 21 August 2010

Pre Tournament Army Inspection

So later this morning (after too few hours of sleep) I'll be heading to the 9th 40k Online Tournament.

One of the final checks is always for damage to any of the models. For this tournament I only had two repairs to do.

One of the legs of my shas'el had broken off. The break is in the shin of one of the legs (rather than usual break for crisis suits which is the feet coming off). This break is an old one, and as it's plastic against plastic it was a very quick repair.

The other issue was one of my converted broadsides had come of it's base. This repair required superglue to glue the plastic legs to the base. I almost smashed the model to pieces when I eased my hold to test if the repair was holding and the model feel out of my hand. Luckily after the model had done a double somersaut I caught the model, and found that although the glue hadn't repaired the model it was easy enough to stick the model to my hand :( That catch was essential because the model would have hit the floor and probably shattered into many pieces.

After prying the model out of my hand a second attempt worked, and both models are ready. To allow the repairs a bit of time to take hold both models will be spending the night on my desk before being packed in the case later for the trip to the tournament.

I wish I had posted my previous post on my musing on what to take a bit earlier, as the advice I got has really tempted me to use piranhas, rather the extra unit of kroot I will be using. To make matter worse I had to send in my list for the Oxford tournament (4th Sept) so I'll won't be using piranhas there either :( Thanks to all of you that posted in the comments about my musing about my army list. I've added a reply on how I will include piranhas in the comments to that post.

I better get some sleep, and I'll report later how I get on at the tournament.



  1. Goodluck mate, i'll be watching the Blog for any updates.



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