Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Expanding 3rd Edition Space Wolf Army

The above pic shows the state of my space wolf infantry assembly. Before my Dark Eldar, before my Tau I was a Space Wolves player, but that was many many years ago.

The (all painted) army I had contained:

Wolf Lord
Rune Priest
2 units of 8 Bloodclaws in Rhinos
1 small unit of 6 Grey Hunters in a Rhino
A spare Razorback (the old one with Lascannon & twin Plasmaguns)
A Predator
A Whirlwind
A Vindicator
A Dreadnaught
A Landspeeder

Now back then I didn't even need all of this to reach 1500 points. With my Dark Eldar & Tau complete, and the arrival of the new Space Wolves codex the wolves got the nod for my next project. Hoping to have 2 armies for the cost of one I wanted to build my army so it could be used as both vanilla marines and space wolves, I therefore started by buying some black reach models on ebay, but after seeing the lovely new grey hunter models I decided to use them (with the black reach models now being rejected to extra devastator marines in a vanilla list).

With the improvement in grey hunters, and my decision to use the new grey hunter models meant that I didn't have any of the infantry models needed for my army, so although alot of the vehicles would be used in my new army all the infantry would need to be painted up. The only infantry models to make the new list was the Rune Priest, and the Wolf Lord (who is now younger and is only a Wolf Guard now).

There are some ideas that I wouldn't mind trying out with the bloodclaws, eg. 14 bloodclaws, wolf guard & wolf priest in a landraider crusader as a hammer unit, but they haven't made the cut for the first army list I'm aiming for. My first list is a mech grey hunter list supported by long fangs and a unit of thunderwolf cavalry, then I'll be adding Canis and 25 hounds to try a more aggressive list.

So from having a fully painted army that I was just added a bit to, to having only a few vehicles ready :) I'm determined to play my next space wolf battle using my own models rather than having to model rep with my mates marine army, so I'm busy assembling. In all out of the 59 models in the army list I'm heading towards I have over 50 to build and paint from scratch.

Although I have lots of assembly still to do, and loads of painting it's nice to have that new army feeling :) To keep me motivated I'll be adding an army progress widget to the blog, so feel free to berate me if it's not moving fast enough :)


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