Friday, 28 August 2015

Beasts & Bodyguards Part Three - What I think of Sslyth [Dark Eldar]

The Sslyth has to be the 2nd least seen Dark Eldar model (only beaten by the Ur-Ghul), ask any non Dark Eldar player (and even some Dark Eldar players) what they thought of the Sslyth (let alone the Ur-Ghul) and a significant proportion wouldn't even know it was a Dark Eldar model.

Sometimes this is one of the great advantages of playing a less popular army.  As well as being told the stats and abilities of a unit sometimes it can take playing against it once or twice to know exactly how good and threatening it is.  When a Dark Eldar army has a few units an opponent has never played against before it can lead to them underestimating and/or overestimating certain units leading to mistakes.

However lets gets back to why Sslyths are seen so little.  First they are part of the Court of the Archon, which in the previous codex was a very poor unit to have, mainly because you were forced to have one of each of the four members of the Court.  With the current codex you can now mix and match how you want, from having a single Lharmaean to cheaply fill up an HQ slot, to 5 Medusa in a Venom to deepstrike and flame something out of existance, or even a 12 Sslyth bomb, and any combination in between.

So now that the Court has models, this is another reason Sslyths aren't seen often.  The model is a one pose expensive finecast model like all of the other Court Members:
no-one wants a unit where all the models are in the same pose, so again like the Clawed Fiends I recommend using a conversions.  Although you could convert the official Sslyth model:
I just didn't like the lizard head, and then I came accross these stunning sonversions by Eye of Terror:
Here's a link to his blog post showing of his entire Court of the Archon with many more pictures of the Court members he has converted, included links to his work in progress blog posts.  I advise anyone to stay and browse the rest of his blog it's a true inspiration.

Although the actual Sslyth model is no bigger than the Lharmaean model, even though it is on a bigger base:
I think Eye of Terror's conversion captures the feel of the Sslyth much better, so I shamelessly stole the idea myself for my own Sslyths, however there are other ways to convert up your own Sslyths, and once your model has the right weapons you can't go to far wrong, and it can be loads of fun converting up your own model.

But are they any good ?

Is it worth going to all the trouble of converting the official model to have different poses or converting your own Sslyths ?

Lets start with cost, at 12.5pts per wound they are the marginally more expensive per wound compared to Grotesques and Clawed Fiends (and are only 5 pts cheaper than the 3 wound Clawed Fiend), so what do we get for that.

For starters they are not bulky (surprising for a 2 wound, toughness 5 model) so you can fit more in a transport.  You can only fit 4 Grotesques in a raider if you want to include a independent character to offset their awful leadership, where as you could fit 9 Sslyths in a raider.

Next the Sslyths have a gun each, and not just any gun, but one that fires 3 poison shots each with 18" range.  Compared to Grotesques and Clawed Fiends they have the best armour, if only a 5+, and come stock with Feel No Pain, making each of their Toughness 5 wounds the hardest to get rid (outside of pain engines).

To compliment their 3 shots each on the way into combat they have 5 attacks str5 each on the charge.  That's only 1 less a Clawed Fiend as they don't have rage, and while the same as Grotesques it not's poison and they can't get extra attacks if they are outnumbered (like the Groesques from Ramage).

Overall they are not quite as good as Grotesques in combat, and are marginally worse than Clawed Fiends on the charge, however they are the toughest to get a wound from.

When it comes to the baby sitting duties, all three Dark Eldar monsters need a baby sitter because they have very poor leadership.  In this regards the Sslyth comes out on top.  While a Grotesque need an expensive independent character, the Sslyths can take a cheap Lharmaean as an addition member for the Court and use her very good leadership 9, even better than the beastmaster's leadership 8.  Also while the beastmaster adds little to the combat power of the Clawed Fiends the Lharmaean isn't bad for her points (but more on that in another article).

My Experiences

I have been using a unit of 5 Sslyths accompanied by 4 Lharmaeans.  This unit costs 165 pts, and I also use a unit of 4 Grotesques accompanied by an Archon with no upgrades at all.

I find that because the Grotesques have a character (even one with no upgrades) and it's almost as if their reputation precedes them, opponents always go for the Grotesque raider first.  This has normally meant that my Court normally makes combat before my Grotesques

The shooting option of the Sslyths have also been very useful to have, eg. in one game both my Grotesques and Sslyth;s raiders were shot down turn 1, and had to slog it accross the board with 2 wraithlords being the closest models, while the Grots had to run blindly towards the enemy the Sslyth were able to shoot once they got close (at the expense of running), but a volley of 19 shots from the Court took town a wraithlord (average wounds for the shot was 2.1, but the wraithlord rolled a bit bad on saves).

The fleet on the Court also makes them more reliable on the run and charge, making them marginally faster than Grotesques, and I'm be more ready to attempt a longer charge with Sslyth than Grotesques.

The Sslyths are just good as Grotesques at smacking non-walker vehicles, and mine have taken many landspeeders, rhinos, wave serpents in the games so far, and I look forward to them supplimenting my anti tank in future games.  For reference 5 charging Sslyths should do an average of 5.5 hull points to rear armour 10 non walker vehicles, so they have to roll very badly not to do at least 3 hull points.

In Summary...

Sslyths have many similarities with Grotesques and Clawed Fiends, they all hit hard with str5 attacks, and for the points are the toughest Dark Eldar wounds available.

Sslyths have the toughest wounds, and have decent short range shooting, although the shooting is not what you would only take the units for (for pure anti infantry firepower see venoms) it adds flexibility to the unit that Grotesques and Clawed Fiends don't have.

Outside of a raider the Clawed Fiends are the fastest, but with the raider the Sslyths (with their Fleet piping the Grotesques) can cover the most ground for a turn 2 charge when you include a 1st turn 30" move with the raider.

So far in my games the Court (mine made up of Lharmaeans and Sslyths) is becomeing my favourite of my 4 assault units, although my beastpacks are a close second, apart from when all my raiders a blown up 1st turn, and then I love my beastpacks.

What's your experiences so with or against the Sslyths ?  How do you think they measure against Grotesques and the Dark Eldar other close combat units ?  Are you considering making your own, and which models/bits will you use ?


PS.  Below's a pic of the painting I did for a recent tournament.  The back three rows of Scourges, Sslyths and Clawed Fiends still need highlighting, but it was nice to get them up to this level.  Better pictures will follow shortly.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Time for Expansion [Tau]


Well my Tau army has been static since my last tournament with them.  For that tournament I converted some Piranhas to be controlled by drones rather than pathfinders, and switching the wings round to give it more of an aircraft feel.  They're not finished and need some highlighting, but they were completed enough that I could use them in the tournament.

and here they are waiting to come on from reverses, with the rest of the army in the next pic:

The rumours of Tau being the next 40k codex has been trickling through, however now some further rumours are appearing:

here and here

They point to Tau getting 2 new suits (one larger and one smaller than a riptide), and the release, while not having a confirmed date, being in the next month or so.

Which gets me excited and worried at the same time !  At the start of 7th edition GW were releasing codexes that seems balanced with each other, and then that all changed with the Necron codex, a codex that jumped right up to top tier, while some held out hope that this was a blimp, that hope was cruelly dashed with the release of the Eldar codex and the confirmation that codex creep was back was cemented with the release of the Space Marine book.

So what worries me ?  Well if we keep the pattern, Tau will get a strong codex, but GW have at times missed codexes on the codex creep train, and such a codex can languish in a poor state for many many years.  To be fair Tau have had it good for a number of years, and it's not like they've not been in a bad state before (I fondly remember surprising people with the 3rd Ed codex).  I'm just hoping for a nice codex, not overly powerful like the last 3 codexes, but good enough that when played well they can do well.

Time will tell regarding the new codex's power level, but I can't wait to convert some new suits, however I have a sneaky suspicion that I make be painting up railgun arms for my broadsides :)

[I still remember when these were the bane of tanks anywhere, even landraiders]
With my updates to my pure Dark Eldar army almost complete, I just have an Aspect Host allies, and updates to my Necrons, meaning my painting table should be all clear when the new Tau codex hits.


27/08 Update: More rumours here are putting the release date in September

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Beasts & Bodyguards Part Two - What I think of Clawed Fiends [Dark Eldar]

For my second article in this series we look at the big monster from the beastpack; the Clawed Fiend.  Compared to the Dark Eldar's other Toughness 5 monsters (the other two being Sslyths and Grotesques) the Clawed Fiends are the fastest, strike earliest (higher initiative), and hit with more attacks on the charge (unless the Grotesques are outnumbered), and they do this at the lowest cost per wound.  So why aren't these models seen more often, and what do I think of them ?

There are a number of reasons why this model is rarely seem on the gaming table.  The first is that the model is finecast and therefore expensive, next the model comes in only one pose, putting off modelers who don't like identical models in a group and don't want to convert finecast.

However a quick google picture search will show lots of examples of much cheaper alternatives.  This goes for all the beastpack models as this comparison shows:

A good example of an alternative conversion is the pic below from Dave Taylor Miniature's blog:
based on Undead Vargheists, but a google search will bring up loads of other examples from conversions based on Warhammer Ogres to Privateer Press and other manufacturer models.  Dark Eldar is great for conversions so let your imagination go wild.

So now we have got the cost and modelling issues out of the way, how good are Clawed Fiends on the battlefield.  The obvious comparison is against Grotesques & Sslyth, and the comparison starts off well with Clawed Fiends being the cheapest per wound, and being Beasts they are fast across the battlefield, are not slowed by terrain meaning they don't need (even if they could take one) a transport, and more importantly aren't slowed to infantry speed if they lose a paper thin transport.

The pluses keep coming:  Clawed Fiends have a high enough initiative that they strike before Marines (unlike both Grotesques & Sslyths).

So with these significant strengths what are their weaknesses:

The first is that they are only WS3 not 4 like the rest of the Dark Eldar army.  This means that they will get hit easier by WS4 opponents.  However it does not affect what they hit on against WS4, 5 or 6.  If you pick the right target and strike first doing enough damage that there aren't too many attacks coming back you can mitigate this issue.

The big weakness against their main competitors, is that the Clawed Fiends are fragile.  Grotesques get a 6+ armour save and Feel No Pain, Sslyths get a 5+ armour save and Feel No Pain.  Clawed Fiends get a 6+ armour save and that's it, and they don't have Power from Pain to get any bonus like the Grotesques later in the game.

Lastly Clawed Fiends have horrible leadership, and that it the same for their rivals (Grotesques and Sslyths), however rather than having to include a expensive independent character like Grotesques, they can include a 10 point beastmaster upping the unit's leadership to 8.  The beastmaster should be placed at the back of the unit, and if you have two beastmasters they shouldn't be placed close to each other to avoid them both being taken out with one enemy volley.

Overall the Clawed Fiend epitimises the Dark Eldar way of war.  They hit fast and hard but are very fragile.  To get the best out of them advance through cover to get a cover save (it doesn't slow you down after all), and hit targets that are not going to swing back with a decent number of attacks and definitely not high strength attacks (as having a high toughness is their only protection).

Even if they distract the opponent firepower, even the fragile Clawed Fiends should tie up a decent about of the enemy's firepower that would otherwise kill serious chunks of the rest of the Dark Eldar force.  Meltaguns and Lascannons will only knock off one wound, and they may even by saved by a cover save.

If you have a few aggressive elements of your army, Clawed Fiends can help give you the critical mass so that some of those elements get through.  In some games my Clawed Fiends have been seen as a huge threat and were taken out in two turns, but that allowed my Krymerae to get to assault the enemy, sometime it's the other way round.  Other times they are ignored in favour of the usual units people expect to see in a Dark Eldar army and know are good, Ravagers, Venoms, Grotesques.

Preferred targets for the Clawed Fiends are S3 T3 models (because they'll find it hard to wound the Fiends while being wounded easily by them), units with not too many attacks, particularly if they are Init4 or lower and will strike after the Fiends. Non-Walker vehicles with rear armour 10 or 11 are also good targets (5 charging fiends average 3.4 hull points against rear armour 11 and twice as much against rear armour 10).

Watch out for str10 weapons, unfortunately on the increase with the new Eldar.  However pick your targets well and plan your approach and Clawed Fiends can do well.

Now what if we combine Krymerae from my last article with Clawed Fiends to try and get the best of both worlds.  The Clawed Fiends can bring the majority toughness 5, while the Krymerae can bring the 5++ inv save.

Say 1 Beastmaster, 4 Krymerae & 4 Clawed Fiends for a nice 170 pts.  It's a nice unit with majority toughness 5, lots of attacks on the charge (16 str 4, and 24 str 5) on a very fast platform.

The limiting factor is the leadership 8.  You shouldn't put to many points into a unit that is only leadership 8, so this is about as large as I'd go. Adding another Krymerae and Clawed Fiends puts the unit cost past 200, which is a large amount for such a fragile unit.

The beaststar is dead...long live the beaststar !!!

So after saying that the beastpack is too fragile and has poor leadership to have a big unit, if you did want to go this way this is what I would do:

Have 6 Krymerar and 6 Clawed Fiends - you want as much hitting power from the max 12 models you can take while maintaining majority toughness 5.
Then add an allied Eldar Autarch with Swooping Hawk wings and a banshee mask (remember eldar charaters on jetbikes no longer have fleet with the new codex).  Finally give the Autarch the Shard of Anaris to make him fearless.

The beastpack costs 240 pts, with Autarch pushing the total past 350 pts.  But you have a fast unit that starts of with 27 majority T5 wounds that have Krymerae at the front with their 5++ inv save, and best yet no one can overwatch them when they charge.  The beastpack alone puts out 24 Str 4 and 36 Str 5 attacks on the charge :)  Still has some big weaknesses, like a wraithknight would laugh at their attacks and them stomp them into next week, but against most units it will just roll over them.

Well that's it for Clawed Fiends, probably the least used out of the Dark Eldar assault units, however it's a unit that has a nice niche, and I think should be considered.

What's your thoughts and experiences with the Clawed Fiends ?  Do you run them alone or in a mixed beastpack ? Written them off as not worth it - let me know your thoughts.


Up next Sslyths !!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Beasts & Bodyguards Part One - What I think of Krymerae [Dark Eldar]


Welcome to the first of a 4 part series exploring the monsters of the Dark Eldar, and what I think of them.  A warning I won't be going to into the specific rules of units, but more about how I use them and what I like or dislike about them.

When I was about to start this series I came across a question on facebook: "Anyone use Khymerae? I'm thinking of trying them again".

Now to give some context Dark Eldar beastpacks were a lynchpin of a top Eldar/Dark Eldar army build in the previous codex.  In that codex you could take 1-5 beastmasters and each beastmaster could take either 1 Clawed Fiend, 1-2 Razorwing Flocks or 1-5 Krymerae.  A common build was to build a resilient and large beaststar made up of 5 Beastmasters and 25 Krymerae (who back then had a 4+ inv save), add to that a Farseer that would give the beastpack fortune and/or invisibility.  The Farseer could keep up with the beastpack with a jetbike and he could make them fearless with a relic if he joined them.  To top it off an old Special Character, the Baron, could join the unit giving them Stealth and Hit&Run.

In the new codex this all changed.  The Baron was gone, and the max size of the beastpack was reduced to 12, although you were free to pick any combination of models (up to 12 in total).  The Krymera's invulnerable save was also reduced from 4++ to just having the daemon rule, so having a 5++.  The beaststar was dead !

However Krymerae did go down from 12 to 10 pts and increased from T3 to T4, and you could take less beastmaster tax, as you only need to take one to get Ld8, so in my eyes if you didn't use the beaststar before they were just as good as before.

Here's my response to the Facebook post:

"1 or 2 beastmasters and 10-11 krymerae is a great unit for 120 pts. They are lightning fast (speed and initiative) and throw out a bucket of str4 attacks. They are fragile and only ld8 (from the beastmasters), but the damage output for the cost is great.

Compare them to 3 Grotesques (105pts) against 1 beastmaster and 10 krymerae (110 pts). If outnumbered (to get Ramage) the Grots will kill on average 3.1 marines vs 3.3 marines for the krymerae, against weaker opponents the krymerae will do better than the Grots due to the Grots already wounding marines 8 out of every 9 hits, so can't get much better. Lastly the Grots need a transport and a independent character to give them Ld above 4.

A great example of the pros and cons of Krymerae and the beastpack in general is my game against Eldar last night. For assault I had a Court of the Archon (Lharmaens & Sslyths) in a raider, Archon with 4 Grots in a Raider, a Beastpack (Beastmaster & 10 Krymerae) and a 2nd Beastpack (Beastmaster with 4 Clawed Fiends).

Both raiders, along with 2 Venoms were popped turn 1 before I got to move. Turn 2 my Eldar opponent saw the Clawed Fiends and Grots as issues, and wiped out the Clawed Fiends, and did a few wounds to the Grots. My turn 2 the Krymerae multi assaulted 3 ScatBikes and 4 Dark Reapers, making the Bikes flee, and killing the remaining Dark Reapers in the Eldar turn, Turn 3 they killed a Hornet, and got shot at by a Wave Serpent and lost 3 models (just 4 shots) but then killed another Hornet turn 4. The Court killed a wraithlord from shooting and assaulted and killed 5 Fire Dragons turn 4. The Grots and Archon (no Shadow Field) absorbed loads of Firepower and eventually charged a killed a 2nd wraithlord.

The beastpacks showed how fragile they are (Clawed Fiends dying easily, and the Krymerae losing models from few shots), but also their speed and their hitting power. If the Krymerar don't stand out as the immediate threat they can do wonders if the opponents leaves them alone for a turn to allow them a turn 2 charge. My opponent had played my army before and that time the Krymerae had charged and killed a wave serpent turn 2, but with venoms, ravagers, 3 toughness 5 assault units (Clawed Fiends, Grots & Sslyths) he left the Krymerae alone.

Make no mistake if any opponent decided to give the Krymerae attention they will die easily and do nothing, but in my game it would have meant leaving something out of the raiders with assault troops, venoms, ravagers or clawed fiends untouched. Force your opponent to make hard decisions and they are more likely to get it wrong.

If you couldn't guess I'm a big fan of Krymerae, and never write a list without them :)"

What's you experiences of Krymerae ?  Agree or disagree with my opinion, either way let me know your view.

Which monster will be up next ?


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Moto.Tronica Scenery Pack Unboxing... and Boxing (Infinity Terrain)


With the new Icestorm starter set there a very nice scenery set, which is now available to buy seperately.

The scenery pack is called the Moto.tronica Scenery Pack, and contains all that is pictured in the picture above; 4 large buildings and 6 smaller crates, and a 3' by 2' mat.

The pack is available direct from Corvus Belli (the makers of Infinity) or many independant stockists, and should cost £9-10.

I got my copy a few days and eagerly opened it up.  The package was encased in cellophane, and as the mat is folded into 1/8ths it was quite compact (about the size of an A4 piece of paper and 1-2 cm thick):

I quickly laid the pieces out:

There were 2 of each design, and the pack game a quick reference sheet:

Each building/crate comes as one complete piece, so there is no cutting or glueing involved, and after a quick scan of the instructions I was away:

and in a few minutes I had assembled the lot:

The buildings are made out of thin glossy card, look good, and the main buildings even have stairs on them which helps from a gaming points of view.

Models will sit on them fine, but a clumsy hand could ruin one, and it means they have to be stored carefully so they don't get damaged by something leaning on them.

Overall, for the cost, I think this terrain pack is an excellent start to an Infinity terrain collection, and allows you to get started immediately.  And for the price of you wreak one at £9-10 for the set I'm teampted to buy another one for spares.

It allows you to spend more money on buying more models, particularly as alot of 40k terrain people has does not completely block Line of Sight.

I've bought some Infinity Holo Ads to complement this terrain:
and I can't wait to have some games of 3rd edition, which should at the end of this month.


Friday, 6 February 2015

Facing The Grey Tide: Painting Challenge - Part 03 - January (Wolves Progress & lists for 1k Highlander event )


Well it's been a quick 2 weeks since my last update, where my progress was less than stellar.  I had only started my Dec month challenge, but I had made changes to my painting area, if you can call it that:
[how it was - just a bit of a blocker to getting anything done]
and I had made the following progress by late Jan:

In the last 2 weeks I had a painting & catch-up evening with a mate, and I got a bit of painting done one evening this week (the only evening I didn't bring my work laptop home).

My 2 weeks of  progress

I have painted the silver on the belt feed, plasma cables & weapon nozzles, I've done the blue on the smaller power cables, I've done the shoulder pad edges, and, so I could show the final colour scheme, I painted light grey on the leader's weapons and one of the long fangs heavy bolter.

Still lots to do such as touching up the lighter colours (light blue & light grey), detailing, some washes, highlighting all the colours I have done so far etc., but here's he progress so far:
and you can just see 4 undercoated trueborn (part of the January challenge) in the background.

As I started the challenge in mid December, it's been 6 weeks for this progress - man I paint slow, but I suppose any progress is good.  I'll have to give the Wolves another game when I get these models painted.


For the 1000 point Highlander event I looked myself into I know I won't get enough of the new Dark Eldar models painted in time, plus I just couldn't see a Dark Eldar Highlander list doing at all well with the restriction of only 1 of each transport.  Therefore for that tournament I will be taking my Tau and I was think of something like:

10 Fire Warriors
17 Kroot (with Sniper rounds)
3 Broadsides with 6 Drones
3 Marksmen with 9 Sniper Drones

Let me know your thoughts on the Tau list, and for comparison here's the Dark Eldar list I was tempted to try out:

Archon (Agoniser)
1 Lharmaean & 4 Sslyths
  Venom (2 Splinter Cannons)
4 Grotesques
  Raider (Disintegrator Cannon)
Beastpack: 1 Beastmaster, 5 Clawed Fiends, 4 Krymarae
5 Warriors
5 Warriors
Ravager (3 Dark Lances)
Razorwing Jetfighter (2 Dark Lances)

Hoping for more painting progress over the next few weeks to catch-up.  I have the half term week off work, so I'm hoping once the kids are asleep I can do some painting each night, however the other half wants me to watch Supernatural with her, and there is that Game of Thrones boxset that my friend lent me...


Friday, 23 January 2015

Facing The Grey Tide: Painting Challenge - Part 02 - December (Progress and Quick Wolves vs Nids battle report)

So we are getting towards the end of January, and the blog has been depressingly silent.

That has mainly been because of my embarrassment from completely FAILing so bad at the December portion of the Challenge.

Apart from finishing off models not being the most exciting thing in the world, my painting work space was, to put it bluntly, not really helping:

Way too many projects on the go at once, and if the desk was bad enough the area in front of the desk made it harder:

As I mentioned in my last post I was due to have a have a game over the xmas break against a mate with his Nids with my Space Wolves.  It's nearly an xmas tradition that my mate's Nids give my Wolves a good kicking, but I was determined to change that !  Deciding on my list I thought it would be better to have a 2nd squad of long fangs rather than a Predator.  So effectively I changed my December challenge, and having to have the models all assembled gave me more of an incentive to get them ready.  As well as assembling the long fangs I got the last two thunderwolf riders assembled.

Although the battle was short and sweet I leant about my army and had a fun game.

A quick recap of the list I took was:

Canis with 17 Fenrusian Wolves
6 Thunderwolf Cav
Iron Priest on Thunderwolf,with 10 Skyclaws
5 Scouts
10 Bloodclaws in a Drop Pod
10 Grey Hunters in a Drop Pod
6 Long Fangs with 5 Missile Launcher in a Drop Pod
6 Long Fangs with 2 Heavy Bolters & 3 Plasma Cannons

The Wolves set-up
The Nids set-up.  The nearest MC is being an Exocrine, and I drop podded on the far right of the pic]
Turn 1 started well with the 2 units of 15 gaunts that had moved a bit forwards to allow the 24" range exorcrines to fire was charged by the Wolves, Cav & Assault Marines, while the Bloodclaws and Grey Hunters came down on a flank next to the Nids.

The assault was brutal and all 30 gaunts died in the assault.

However the whole Nid army was at optimal firing ranges, and the Wolves were wiped out, and the Cav was bought down to 2 models (I had lost a few Wolves, and 1 thunderwolf on the Nids first turn shooting from an Exocrine and a Hive Tyrant).  Canis and the remaining thunderwolves were then charged by a big gaunt unit with a Prime.  Although Canis put up a brave fight slicing gaunts left, right and centre (he had 18 attacks over 2 combat phases due to counter attack and rampage) he was eventually dragged down, and the Prime finished of the thunderwolves easily.

On the flank the Iron Priest and Assault marines were just about to kill an exocrine (before we called the game), however the Bloodclaws were tied up in combat by Hive Guard.

The number of very accurate (twin-linked from a formation) large blasts from the Nids took it's toll, not to mention the low AP shots from the exocrines.  As well as being a bit over confident, I attacked along a wide front (although to be fair I had to set-up first and then was seized on), which meant all of the Nids could fire back at optimal range.  Also I was too cautious (as always) with the drop pods meaning the units did not have much effect on the game, they should have been placed more in the middle so they could help assault the middle of the nid lines on the following turn.  Even if they had disrupted the charges and only two of the three assault units had got in on turn 1 it would have be better because with the gaunts being fearless both sides would have been locked in combat (safe from any Nid shooting).

I like the list through.  The only thing I'd like to change would be the scouts, they did nothing before we called the game, and they were only taken to give me a 2nd Elite so I could run the Suppliment detachment which gives thunderwolves and wolf guard WS5.  By dropping the Long Fangs Drop Pod (although it means one of my troops has come in via normal reserves) I can upgarde the scouts to 5 Wolf Guard with Jump packs (only upgrade is melta bombs on one member).  A 2nd Iron priest would probably be more effective, but I don't want too many duplicates.

and maybe not face Exocrines, let alone where one is twin-linked :)

[to see more of my mates wonderful models, his blog is:]
So getting back to my painting progress, below is the poor progress on the Long Fangs:

So you can see 3 weeks after the deadline I'm not even near half way through.  At least I have cleared up my painting area, and the army cases around it, plus I have assembled all I need to put 1750 points on the field.

What I'm going to do is keep my Month's tasks the same, apart from switching December to the Heavy Bolter / Plasma Cannon Long Fangs squad, and adding the last Missile launcher & 2 Thunderwolf Riders.into January (to replace touching up the drop pods).

This will mean that they there is no way I can finish the January challenge on time, but I'm hoping that I will catch up over Jan & Feb.

Other news is that I've played a couple of games with my Dark Eldar, particularly trying out the new units in the painting challenge (ie. Grotesques, Court of the Archon & Clawed Fiends) and they performed very well.

To give me more of an incentive to paint I've also signed myself up to a few tournaments.  I can always take my Tau, but it will give me an incentive to try to get the Dark Eldar ready.

The events I'll be attending are:
  • a 1000 point Highlander tournament at my local GW - March
  • the A Small Matter of Honour tournament (2 games @ 1250, 2 @ 1750) at the Aldershot Game Shop - May
  • a 1750 point tournament at my local GW - May
Here's hoping more hobby progress over the next month :)


NB: With the change to December, not focusing on completing half painted models, and being reasonable and ignoring stretch goals, my Challenge Schedule is:

December:  2nd Long Fang Squad (Ancient & 6 Long Fangs with Heavy Weapons) - Late :(

January: Last Long Fang, 2 Thunderwolf Riders, 4 Trueborn - Will be Late :(

February (Double Month): Court of the Archon (4 Lhamaens, 5 Ssylths)
March: 5 Clawed Fiends (Corrupted Wraithguard)
April: 4 Grotesques (Converted from Rat Ogres and Talos parts)
May: 5 Scourges (Converted from Raider Crew with Blood Angel wings)


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