Tuesday, 30 October 2012

MAD II Tournament - Painting Progress


My army list has been sent off and is locked in.  In the end, although the majority of the advice received was to lose the trueborn (or at least one unit) and replace them with Reaver Jetbikes I chickened out because I haven't had the best luck with reaver jetbikes while the trueborn have sometimes shown they can be good (original list can be seen here). There'll be no time for playtesting, so the first outing for the Defense Wall, Quad gun & Voidraven will be the tournament.

However when the advice is so consistent there's got to be something to it, therefore after the tournament this weekend I will try out losing one squad of trueborn for reavers and the other squad for a 2nd unit of wyches (or hellions when I get them assembled).

Painting wise I've now finished by Aegis Defense Line.  It was a very basic and quick paint job given the rest of the models I have to get finished by Thursday night in time to travel to my mate's Friday evening for the tournament:

Aegis Defense Wall - Pre Varnish
The wall sections just need clipping off the frames (leaving the bottom on the frames made it so much easier to paint).

With a short deadline, and wanting to spend more time on my Voidraven I painted the defense wall only using the following 5 colours:

After a black undercoat (I would use grey if I had to do this again to miss a painting step), I base painted the whole wall dark grey.  Following that I gave the front and sides of the wall a quick light grey drybrush, and painted the Aquila symbol red (I choose a dark red as it would go over the grey in one coat).  The shade was dabbed on the larger bolts, and the bits on the back were given a very quick drybrush silver with the dark grey used to touch-up where my drybrush had gone on the back of the wall.

Other painting is progressing slowly with the Voidraven purple sections all base painted, with the blue sections to be base painted tonight.  Unfortunately I will have to cut a few minor corners with the Voidraven to get it ready for the tournament.  I could do with some modelling putty touch-up, but due to time I'm going to leave it, as it's in a area that stays black, so I can touch it up later and paint it black without ruining any other paintwork.  From a distance the model will look fine, but it's now how I would have wished it to be.

Pictures of the finished army (probably minus some final basing) should be up posted up Thursday evening.  And for those of you guessing the pieces used on my Voidraven in my earlier sneak peek I have updated the pictures with the source and how I'm using them (link).



  1. Good luck at the tourney! Though Reavers have become ridiculously good, I agree that sticking with the unit you know is probably the wise choice, and those trueborn venom teams are still very good at murdering just about anything. I find that their main weakness is that they die a turn after they have killed their target, but this is nothing new. :)

  2. Reavers definitely seem to be a marmite type unit, some swear by them, while others bring up their fragility and the points you raised.

    I'm sitting at a train station to take me to my mates place. I'll post a pic of the army in action tomorrow.




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