Thursday, 4 October 2012

Dark Eldar WIP Voidraven - Part Two (and DE Quad Gun WIP)


Just a quick update on my progress on the Voidraven.  I've completed the wing extension, and I'd cut the main hull section.  I haven't got to the pinning and modelling putty stage, however I can now put the bits of the model on the table and have my first impression of how the Voidraven will look:
The Voidraven looks a bit too long at the front, but I think that will dimish once the engines at the rear have been put on, and the tail fin holder (pic below curtosy of Hoard o' Bitz, a great US bitz site) is put on.
I'll still undecided about how to put the tail fins on.  I have the standard tail fin, and I have the wing sections that I cut off the main hull.  I could just use the standard tail fun, and leave it there, alternatively I could fill smooth the mount of the normal tail fin and use the spare wing sections to make small diagonally placed fins (x-wing style), or I could do both.  I'm a bit torn, any suggestions ?  I don't have to decide until after I've got the rest the model completely assembled, but I need to be there by the end of this weekend to have a hope of getting everything painted for the MAD II tournament in 30 days time.

By way of distraction I also put together the gun section of my Quad gun (apologies for the slightly blurred picture):

It was a very simple kit bash, being just a hellion skyboard with 4 raider/ravager dark lances glued on.  The gun is now undercoated black ready for painting.

I was just going to attach it to a flying stand, which in turn would be glued to the base of the normal Quad gun model, however I decided that would be a bit boring, so I've ordered an Eldar Support Weapon Platform to be the base:

I will glue the stem of a flying base to the middle of the platform to give the appearence that the Quad gun is hovering above the platform base.  I'll also try to put the platform on a small flying stem so the whole model is not too low.

That's all for now, hopefully more updates on sunday.



  1. Your Voidraven conversion is coming along nicely. I am looking forward to seeing it painted.

    The D.E quad gun is interesting, but I don't think the Eldar platform will suit it. You need something else. Could be a curved base, maybe something like the Ravager hull but smaller and on a square scale?

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I want to take the Voidraven to a tournament in 4 weeks, so it should be painted soon. The most difficult part of the conversion will be this weekend when I put the variances pieces together with pins and use putty to cover all the gaps round the engines.

    Good point on the support platform base. I like the thrusters and the rounded back section, but the front section does look a bit too much eldarish rather than dark eldarish.

    I could try rounded the front end, or cutting off the front prongs so it goes no further forwards than the two small thrusters. Alternatively I may look for another base. I definitely want something eldary rather than the imperial quad gun base.




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