Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Dark Eldar WIP Voidraven - Part Seven - Touch-up Issues and Sneak Peeks [Updated with Sneak Peek answers]


Before I undercoated my Voidraven I went back over the model to smooth some of the joins with a GW file, and GW emery boards.  The emery board could probably be easily sourced from out retailers, at probably a fraction of the cost, but they were only £4, and should produce a smoother finish, rather than the sometimes course and scratched look normal files make.  However this is where I realised I made a mistake.

When I did some second set of tidying up I used mulliput again, however when it came to smoothing my work with filing I came accross one disadvantage of mulliput.  It does dry very very hard, and it was very difficult to do much filing, particularly in the small areas.  The emery boards did nothing, and only heavy filing made an impact.  What I should have done, and I recommend to anyone else, is to start with mulliput, but then to do the final touch-up and finishing off to create a smooth transition between the parts with either green stuff or a mixture of green stuff and grey stuff.  This would make it much easier to touch-up the final work.

I still have some touch-up to do, but I'm going to try and do this after I have undercoated the model, with liquid green stuff.  I was hoping that some of the touch-up work would not be needed once the model was undercoated, and from a distance the small issues are unnoticeable  but when the model is examined close up they are.  The main issues I can see are a s slightly uneven finish in the mulliput in the delicate areas between the engines towards the front of the model (down to my poor modelling skills), and a slight difference in the height of the mulliput on the two engine extensions.

This last stage is also the fun part, because you can just raid your bits box and add any interesting pieces.  I used some reaver fins, some talos bits, reaver jetbike canopy.

To leave you in suspense below are some teaser pics of parts of the Voidraven before I undercoated it; bonus rep if you can say what all the bits are and where on the model they are :)  I'll fill in the answers at the weekend (Update: answers now added below, did you guess them all correctly ?).


This is the double wing section of the Voidraven,
created by adding the spare end of the wing over the
original one at an angle

This the tail fin section, that has been cut down
to give a much thinner vertical profile to the Voidraven

This is a Reaver jetbike tail fin,
which is replacing the main tail fin of the Razorwing

This is a Reaver jetbike Grav Talon,
which I placed on the side of the Voidraven cockpit

It's a bit blurred, but this is the undercarriage of the Voidraven at the front,
on the left is the bottom of the crystal canopy made from the full and half canopy sections
glued together to make a larger canopy.
On the right is a Reaver jetbike canopy and in between is some mulliput.

This is my Void Mine.
It is made from a Talos head, a small ravager engine at the back,
reaver tail fins for wings, and a reaver cluster caltrops.

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