Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dark Eldar WIP Voidraven - Part Four (Gunner Canopy Choice)


In my last post I said I was going to use a reaver jetbike canopy over the front cockpit of my Voidraven.  It looked fine when I put the sections of the Voidraven together to see what the model would look like finished:
However 2 things have caused me to doubt this.  First was the re-reading of the description of the Voidraven in the Dark Eldar codex:

"At the fore of each Voidraven is a crystal pod housing a saddle much like that upon a Reaver's jetbike, surrounded by targeting holographs and crosshair runes...From this lavishly appointed cocoon the Voidraven's gunner will unleash searing fusillades from the craft's void lances."

I have seen other conversions on the web which use the reaver canopy, and they painted the canopy light blue and white to represent crystal, however I not to sure the effect works that well, unless you are a very good painter and blend the colours very well.

The second factor that made me doubt my choice was when I put the reaver jetbike canopy on my Voidraven model.  If the reaver canopy totally covers the cockpit hole it appears too high at the back of the front section so that the pilot wouldn't be able to see past it.  If the cockpit is put slightly forward (so it doesn't come any higher) it is not flat with the front of the Voidraven, here's a picture showing what I mean:
I glued the canopy in place, hoping that it would grow on me, but in the end I decided to take it off.

I had a couple of options; I could put a gunner laying forwards in the hole, which would fit the description and look good.  I could leave the cockpit open at the top (as I do with the pilot) and use both canopy bits to be a bottom to the cockpit.  This would take a bit of work, as I would have to do the filling of the bottom section with modelling putty (as the canopy is not big enough to cover the gap), but could attach all the canopies until I have sprayed the model.

The other option was to put the clear canopy on both the top and the bottom of the Voidraven (I had an extra set as I got one when I ordered the hull).  Fill in the excess space on the bottom with modelling putty and the spray the whole model black.  I would them paint the canopy like a gem.

I went for the easier second option, and glued the top canopy in place:
I will make the bottom canopy out of the two canopy pieces.  Putting the half canopy at the rear of the full canopy to make a longer canopy.

So not much progress on Saturday, more of an quick 20 mins here and there when every I can catch it.  I've got my pieces of sprue frame ready for my modelling putty practice.

I've got loads of advice from friends and the comment section here, so I should progress into the difficult section of filling in the gaps and making it look uniform with the rest of the model during this week.


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