Saturday, 31 March 2012

Dark Eldar tournament bound again


I've almost finshed the first battle report of the 1st game of the Planet OG tournament that I attended last week. I came 3rd with my Necrons, and for those of you that can't wait for the full battle reports here's a link to the OG Games forum where I have posted a quick summary of my games (The address is here until I get home and can do a proper link: ).

This weekend I am at the Vanquish tournament in Bristol, and I am back to my Dark Eldar. Vanquish has Timmy comp which means the list I'm considering with 3 units of Trueborn will have to wait, plus you will probably be surprised that I only have 2 venoms and a unit of warriors on foot are in the list.  The list I'm using is:
Haemonoculus with Venom blade
2 x 3 Trurborn each with a Venom with 2nd splinter cannon
5 Incubi in a Raider
10 Wracks with 2 liquifier guns in a Raider
9 Wyches incl. Hekatrix with Venom blade in a Raider
10 Warriors with a Splinter Cannon
3 Wracks in Raider
4 Beastsmasters with 4 Krymera and 6 Razorwing Flocks
6 Reavers with 2 Heat lances
2 x Ravagers
Razorwing Jetfighter

Ideally I wanted to finish my forgeworld flying rippers to use as razorwing flocks, but after assembling annihilation barges last week everything got very busy, plus I had fo focus on prep for an interview. Very quickly I realised I would get the flying rippers done in time, but luckily my mate lend me his razorwing flocks (thanks Gav).

As I've been so busy it's now the evening of the first day, and the tournament has gone well so far with me getting maximum tournament points in my first three games with pretty high victory points. However I have had a very lucky draw so far, first game was against hybrid (mainly mech) blood angels who came at my army uncoordinated and were taken apart piecemeal. Second was against a Necron army without any vehicles and pretty mucb no anti tank (no lance crypteks, but it did have 4 tremorsave crypteks, a c'tan to make differcult terrain dangerous, lychguard & 5 necron lords with warscythes). He was tabled.  3rd game was against foot vanilla marines (with 2 multi melta attack bikes). A better player with a better list; getting rid of over 60+ marines/terminators/assault marines is always going to be hard.  I was able to use my greater maneuverability to create engagements on my terms, helped my a mostly refused flank (I love going 2nd in dawn of war).  My opponent was only left with a combat squad.

I am sure I wil face some tough armies for the last two games tomorrow. A quick update will follow tomorrow evening or early next week.



  1. Great list. I love it because there is very little spamming. Looks like a fun list.

  2. The list was fun to play. Vanquish was a comped tournament, so that's why the warriors were in the list and the incubi got another try out.

    With the consistant issues I seem to have against mech armies I'm losing the warriors (for 3 wracks) and the incubi to make the trueborn 3 units of 4. The beastmaster unit (being my best anti MEQ combat unit) get a 5th Krymerae.

    I'm hoping that it's not too spammy, and is still fun to play with and against.




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