Friday, 23 March 2012

Battle for Planet OG VII - Tournament Intro (18 hours to Game 1)

It's now 18 hours to my first 1750 point tournament game of the year (so far I've had seven 600 point tournament games this year).

I got in my last practice game last night at my local club against an Eldar player that was returning to the hobby.  It was a nice relaxing game, as there wasn't the competitive tone to our game, as he was just getting used to 5th edition.  He had a surprising good list for someone recently returned to the hobby, but Eldar do struggle in the current meta, and could do with a codex update.

I tried out a list without the Veil of Darkness Harbringer.  I may occasionally miss the AP1 flamer, but at 60 points I didn't think I was getting enough use out of the Veil Harbringer.  Deepstriking can be great when it works but is also very risky, and it can be hard to find a safe spot to deepstrike that is also a good place from the point of view of how it will affect the game.

So with this in mind I have lost the Veil Harbringer for 1 Immortal, 1 Warrior and 2 Scarabs making my final list:

Overlord - 100
  with Warscythe
  in Catacomb Command Barge - 80
    with underslung Gauss Cannon

Destroyer Lord -140
  with Sempiternal Weave

Royal Court - 125
  Harbringer of Destruction with Solar Pulse
  Harbringer of Destruction
  Harbringer of Destruction

8 Immortals with Tesla Carbines - 136

8 Immortals with Tesla Carbines - 136
6 Warriors - 78
5 Warriors - 65
5 Warriors - 65

8 Canoptek Scarabs - 120
8 Canoptek Scarabs - 120
6 Canoptek Wraiths - 255
  with 4 Whip Coils and a Particle Caster

Annihilation Barge - 90
  with underslung Tesla Cannon
Annihilation Barge - 90
  with underslung Tesla Cannon
3 Canoptek Spyders - 150

Totals: 1750 points, 65 models (including 3 vehicles)

The solar pulse harbringer goes with the 6 warriors, and the other 2 can either go with the small warrior squads, or if I want to put both small warrior squads in reserve they can go with the immortals.  However I have noticed that putting Harbringers of Destruction in with Immoerals forces hard choices regarding the target for the immortals. If they target a vehicle and they waste the immortal shooting, or target infantry and the lance shot is being inefficient).

I do have space to put another harbringer in (and still have one warrior squad which can go in reserve), however I want to see how the list will get on with less anti tank). I'm hoping that the Annihilation barges can suppress some tanks to make up for it.

The two annihilation barges did well in my game night, although they rarely killed anything (apart from vipers) they did suppress the elder tanks nicely.  90 pts to suppress a falcon (with a pulse laser, a missile launcher and an underslung shurken cannon) was points very well spent, plus it allowed the scarabs to eat the falcon easily rather than having to roll 4+/6+ to hit first.  The barges were also a good distraction to stop the enemy focusing on the wraiths / scarabs.

Assembling / Painting Progress

I've attached a painted particle caster to one of the wraiths, and undercoated, washed and painted the base colours on an unpainted wraith.

The annihilation barges are half assembled (just enough for me to play with them last night), so tonight I have to finish them off (thrusters, the curved vanes at the back, the pilot control panels and arms, and finally the underslung weapons.

If I have time tonight after I finish constructing the army I'll update this post with a pic, if not I'll try to post tomorrow during the tournament.

Pic Update: The overlord has reinforcements:
 I will upload a pic of the army as a whole tomorrow during the tournament.

The Competition

The draw for the first round has been made, and I am facing Imperial Guard for the first game.  I'm 3 out of 3 for facing the only imperial guard player at these small tournaments.  It may be the person I played in the last round of the last Planet OG tournament I went to.  If so I don't think he will overestimate the Necrons they way he did that battle.  The full line up is:

Grey Knights
Blood Angels
Chaos Space Marines
Dark Angels
Space Marines
Blood Angels
Imperial Guard
Necrons (me)

So 6 MEQ and 3 Non-MEQ for me to face.  The gloves have come off as this is a practice for the Vanquish tournament the following weekend in Bristol (previously Planet OG tournament normally have more Timmy comp, and their annihilation mission counted vehicles and monstrous creatures as 3 kill points).  This will the first good test for my Necrons, and I will have a better idea of their tournament viability in 24 hours...

More posts to follow tomorrow...


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