Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tournament Schedule - Too many too quickly ?


Well I've done almost no painting since my last tournament in January.  My Necrons need painting to get them up to 1750 pts fully painted, and my Dark Eldar need Razorwing Flocks and more Trueborn painted.  As always I've found that if I sign myself up for some tournaments, then even if I don't manage to get everything done, I'll have got a significant amount of the way there.

With that thought in my head I've signed up for quite a few tournaments, but have I over done it and will I burn out.  My tournament schedule is:

Battle for Planet OG VII (24th Mar) - I'll be taking my necrons as this tournament allows unpainted models, so I just have to build 2 annihilation barges.

Vanquish (31st Mar & 1st Apr) - With the requirement to have a fully painted army I'll be taking my Dark Eldar.  With the comp I have kept using my incubi, so I don't need to build and paint more trueborn, however I do want to build and paint my razorwing flocks (I'm using forgeworld flying rippers).

Aldershot 'Ard Boyz (28th & 29th Apr) - Another run out for the Dark Eldar, hopefully I'll be able to get more trueborn assembled and painted, so I can try out going to 3 x 3 trueborn at the expense of the incubi.  Most times I lose games it seems to be more anti tank would help, however losing the incubi will leave it to the beastmaster unit to perform well as my best close combat unit.

Rapid Strike (5th May) - After my win last year, I couldn't take anything apart from my Dark Eldar to defend their title :) Whether I'll be too burned out, or my other half would have killed me for not having enough family time will remain to be seen.

With so many tournaments I'll be forced to get more painting done, and I should try to get some practice games in.  Talking of which I was working at different work office last thursday, so I was able to get back in time to make it down my local club.  I got in a game with my Necrons against Marines, and everything worked well, and I can't wait to build my annihilation barges so I can add them into the mix.

Annihilation Barges - such lovely models, but made from so many many bits !!


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