Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Transistion - Vanquish to Rapid Strike


It's been busy month, with me leaving one job and starting a new job tomorrow.  This month has also seem a transition in my Dark Eldar, they have gone from the nicer list I took to my last tournament Vanquish to a more toned list that will be ready to complete with the more cut throat tournaments I will be attending later in the year, the first of which being Rapid Strike in Reading.

Last time I blogged I left you at the end of day one of the Vanquish tournament with me on 3 wins.  Day two went well against Orks and Dark Eldar to leave me clear top on gaming points after with a total of 4 wins and a draw and maximum bonus objective points.  A 4 out of 8 painting score saw me drop to 2nd place overall.  Unlike most tournaments Vanquish went much further than the 3 colour painting requirements, but was fair to everyone, it just wasn't an area I paid much attention to in the rules pack, and to be fair there wasn't much else I could have done apart from finish my own razorwing flocks.  Although the ones I borrowed were much better painted than mine would be, they stood out as not matching the rest of the army, and lost me 2 painting points for consistant theme/style.

Following Vanquish I played agaist a mate's Grey Knights.  I lost the fluffy warriors that was in my Vanquish list for 3 wracks, which allowed me to try out upping the trueborn to 4 strong (all with blasters).  Although I liked the extra shots the game was a white wash with me conceeding turn 4 so we could get on with some games of magic with other mates who had arrived.  I suffered rubber lance syndrome.  I killed one dreadnought all game, and didn't touch any of the other 2 dreadnoughts or 3 stormravens.

The incubi also performed badly again.  They only seem to perform against units they should easily beat, such as a combat squad of marines.  With this in mine my list for rapid strike has transformed into:

Haemonculus (Venom blade)

3 x 4 Trueborn, all with blasters in Venoms

10 Wracks in a Raider

9 Wyches (incl Hekatrix with Venom blade) in a Raider

2 x 3 Wracks

4 Beastmasters with 4 Krymerae & 6 Razorwing Flocks

2 x Ravager

Razorwing Jetfighter

At 1500 points I'm packing 22 lances, 6 splinter cannons, and 3 assault units in the wyches, large wracks & the beastmaster unit.  I finding more and more that if I can't de-mech the enemy (through too many enemy vehicles or just bad luck) then I really struggle. Time will tell if I have gone too far (particularly with the few troops).

May should have more postings, as I settle into my new job (which is over an hour closer than my previous one), and I have less panic painting for tournaments to do.


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