Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What's in a Name ? [Dark Eldar]


As my Dark Eldar approach their first tournament in many many years I've been inspired to rename my Kabel as they enter this new period in their history.

My Kabel is currently named the Kabel of Darkness, but this seems a bit bland to me. I've considered just lengthening the name to Kabel of Eternal Darkness, but that still doesn't sound too good. I would like to keep the theme of darkness somehow in the name as my Kabel has a dark color scheme (black, purple and dark blue), however I just want a name my victims (I mean opponents) will remember.

So help a guy out, give me some ideas. You never know your idea may become the proud new name of my Kabel.


I am making slow progress on painting, and my first tournament of the year is fast approaching. I also only have 10 days to submit my list for the tournament, so I have until them to get far enough in the painting to know what I'll finish by the tournament.

I've given myself the target of a ravager and 2 venoms painted by the army list deadline or I'll have to send in a Tau list. I've started the purple on the ravager, but it seems a bit darker than my old models, so I'll switch to the dark blue tomorrow so I can pop into GW to see if there's a slightly lighter purple. It may be that I painted the original models so long ago that the GW purple has slightly changed shade :)


My Dark Eldar finally won their first game under the new codex. It was a very convincing win, however it was against Nids against a mate who has only got back into 40k about 15 months ago.

I'll post what I think worked well and what didn't in an upcoming blog post. It'll be after a Grey Knight post which should be up in the next day or so.

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  1. Hmm, off the top of my head how about The Kabal of...
    Enshrouding Shadows
    Eclipsing Night
    Perennial Twilight
    Sightless Shadows
    Unbroken Shadow
    Unfurling Darkness

    Mix and Match at your pleasure ^.^

  2. Kabal of the Screaming Death was one of the finalists for mine. Decided to go with Kabal of the Flayed Skull instead...mainly because I liked the fluff in the codex. Named my Wyches after a comic, The Kult of the Killing Joke.

    Hmm...Kabal of the Searing flame.

    Kabal of the Obsidian Edge
    Kabal of the Pitch

    Really easy to come up with good names in my opinion. Just think evil!

  3. Some basic key words you could use:

    Kabal of Rising Shadows
    Kabal of the Dark Rapture
    Kabal of Immortality Denied
    Kabal of Darklit Sight
    Kabal of the Scorned Blade
    Kabal of Damnations Own
    Kabal of the Ruptured Sun
    Kabal of Threnody Sung
    Kabal of Vitriolic Designs
    Kabal of the Ebon Shroud
    Kabal of the Bleeding Night
    Kabal of Darkness Unbound

    Hope it sparks some inspiration anyway!

  4. PS: Keep up the good blog!

  5. Thanks for the ideas guys.

    I'll ponder all the great suggestions over the next few days of painting, and let you know what I decide. You've definitely sparked some inspiration.

    If anyone wants to suggest further ideas, feel free.




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