Thursday, 21 April 2011

Dark Eldar Painting Slowly Continues


After a quick trip to Staines GW after work I picked up some more paints. Warlock purple is much lighter than I remember, however the new Liche purple is a bit lighter than the old pot I had, so it's fine for the vehicles I have to paint (to matching my existing vehicles).

As usual when I pop into GW I didn't just buy the paint I needed. I bought a Aegis Defense Line, partly for more terrain for when I eventually get a gaming board again, and partly to use the two twin autocannons for a marine dreadnaught. I also have been thinking of scourges, so my final purchase was a box of dark Eldar warriors with the intention to source blood angel wings from eBay to turn them into scourges.

Once I finish painting for my upcoming tournaments I want to finish off my Dark Eldar by adding:
An extra reaver (to make a unit of 6)
Razorwing Jetfighter

I'll probably wait for the official razorwing model before I decide to either splash out on a forgeworld Nightwing or convert one from an old Batman ship I've seen others use to great effect.

Back to now and I have half painted a ravager and half painted a venom over the last two evenings. If I could keep this up I'd be finished with 5 days to spare. However, although I'll have lots more time on my hands with all the bank holidays, I'll have more Non-Gaming calls on my time (eg. trips to London to visit family). If I can get some progress tomorrow night and next week I should be in a position to confirm a Dark Eldar list for the tournament in early May.

On the gaming front, Staines store is only 25 minutes walk from work, so I'll probably try to get some games in there. With only 4 DE games with the new codex under my belt I desperately need gaming practice.

It'll be a busy 9 days until the army list deadline on all fronts (work, family, social), but it's looking good so far.

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