Saturday, 9 April 2011

Venoms Ready for Painting


With some final conversion work last night and some spraying this morning I now have 4 Dark Eldar Venoms ready for painting.

Today I'll be trying out my current list for the ASMOH tournament. Next week I'll be trying to make some progress on painting these 4 Venoms and a Ravager I have to get done for the tournament.

With this slow but steady progress I should get everything ready in time for the tournament.


PS. Coming soon will a blog post about my thoughts on the new Grey Knights.
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  1. Awesome Venom's, Rathstar!!! Love the conversions. Please forgive my absence over the last few months, has been very hectic around here, have had a few family emergencies, and I am getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan next month, so have had almost no time!!! Really sorry about the bat reps, but had to put everything on hold for a while, but slowly getting it all back on track!!

    I actually have a wych Syren that I made up and painted the other day, was wondering if you would like to see it and tell me what you think?? I did my first real conversion/major base mockup on her, so I'm anxious to hear what others think!! Just let me know how I need to get that to you, and I will either post it up here or email it, whatever way you suggest. I also have pics of my Venom's if youwould like them. I have one made with a Vyper front like yours are, and all the rest of my Venom's are converted out of some of my old school Raiders. I have 5 Venoms total, but feel like I may need to build a few more, cause I have been looking at a 10 Venom list with 3 Ravagers for a 2k points list.

    Awesome conversions once again, and keep it up!!

  2. No probs, real life has to take priority over our love of toy soliders.

    Feel free to e-mail me the pics of your syren and venom. If you'd like I'd post them on blog, so you can get more feedback on the syren and people can see an alternative vemon conversion.

    Probably best to e-mail me at: rathstar(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

    3 Ravagers are always a good start to a list. The only thing I'm concerned about in a heavy venom list is that 5 man units are very fragile. Particularly too fragile for combat, meaning the list has to be mainly shooting. Nothing wrong with that, once you are sure it can take the big shooty armies out (eg. Guard, Missile spam Wolves & Gunline Vanilla Marines).

    What would you say your lists have needed more in the games you've played; more anti-tank and less fraile troops (ie. large units in raiders) or more anti-infantry firepower (ie. more venoms) ?




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