Thursday, 14 January 2010

New Year, New Bloodbowl Season


My local club, Spiky Club, is organising a bloodbowl league, using the LRB5 with the 2008 experimental rules. 1st game is tonight and I'm taking my skaven.

Skaven are fragile so just need a couple of games to get a spare player or two to cover the certain deaths they will face. However my first game is against an Ogre team :( Ogres are known for the ability to win, but with lots of str5 and mighty blow I'm concerned whether my team will be in any condition to be competitive for the rest of the league season.

With the attitiute of "nothing risked, nothing gained" I've gone with a do or die type roster, also knowning that I'll still have 11 players for next match with the 5th edition Journeymen rule :) Here's the lambs to the slaughter that I'll be taking to the pitch:

1 Rat Ogre
2 Stormvermin
3 Gutter Runners
5 Linerats
3 Rerolls
0 Fan Factor

I'll post later how my brave rats get on.


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