Monday, 18 January 2010

Quick Update


It's been a very busy couple of weeks, but I'm determined that things will return to normal on my blog.

The new year eve's battle reports will be finsihed soon, along with comments on what I thought worked, and the future of my the new crisis suit config I was trying out (2 helios suits with a deathrain leader with 2 gun drones for protection).

Also Tyranid fever is here, and my mate has just bought some boxsets, and another mate may be tempted to return to his nids (he's being playing mech guard recently). The Tau will have their hands full with nids returning to it's group of regualr opponents. I keep telling myself that my nids have to wait until I've finished the last of my Tau and make progress with my Space Wolves, but I may be tempted to borrow my mates models so I can take my list out for a spin :)

Regarding my Tau, I just purchased 10 kroot hounds from ebay, so I'm might try out the massive kroot unit (Shaper, 19 Kroot, 10 Hounds, only 221 pts) to see how it performs, I may just go mid way and use 11 kroot with 10 hounds at first.

Until next time, may your railguns never miss, and your enemy get pinned within rapid fire range :)


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