Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Army Rankings


I was surfing the blogs I frequently visit, and came upon an interesting post I thought I'd share. The post is from Stelek's "Yes the Truth Hurts" blog, and is about the ranking of 40k armies.

Now Stelek's blog is a very cut-throat affair, ie. don't post if you're easily offended, it does have some views that are different to the rest of the community, and some comment discussion can devolve into extreme RAW (rules as written) discussions, however there are lots of good army lists and reasonings behind why certain units were picked. The comment debates can be a bit "full on", as Stelek has both fans and people who strongly disagree with him commenting, but it useful to see other views which can challenge your thinking.

Well here's the a link to the post

The post gave Tau the top slot, and Dark Eldar a top-tier rating (rated the same as Mech Eldar). There's hope for me yet (even though my mates would laugh at the suggestion that Tau are a top-tier army).

Tactics/Units that reading Stelek's blog has challenged me to try out are:

  • Using less troops to get more firepower - this is the inspiration for my new army list

  • Kroot as a speedbump - normally I only use my kroot to outflank to get objectives, hoping my mobility can stop the enemy getting to me before they are dead

  • Piranhas - using them not only for their anti-tank ability, but also to control movement (put two in them in front of a transport, and see the opponent either do a 1" tank shock or take a much longer route to your main army)

I definitely recommend a browse of Stelek's blog, even if it's only with the intention of not liking what you see. You never know there may be something which challenges you try something new.


NB: The post mentioned an army ranking that was quite different on BoLS, but I couldn't find it, if anyone has a link I'd love to compare their view.

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