Friday, 25 January 2013

Sin6 Tournament - Army Ready to Tabletop Standard [Space Wolves]

[WIP Pic of some of the extra models needed for the tournament
(2 of the Thunderwolves and one of the riders were in the list last year)]

After leaving it much to late to start painting the extra models I needed for my Space Wolves I started on Monday evening, and 4 evenings (followed by very little sleep) later I have got the army up to table top critera (minus 13 bases I have to flock tonight round my mates house near the tournament venue).

Now the army is getting sizeable  after the tournament will be the time to go back over the army to bring them up to a decent standard, giving extra details (such as the helmet grill etc.) and adding more highlighting.  Below is a pic of the whole army:

[The whole 666 point army - 13 bases left to flock]

I think the addition of hounds makes the army look quite large for an MEQ army.  Facing 39 models in 666 pts should hopefully look daunting for my opponents.

It's a bit annoying with the hounds.  6 were on square bases so I've carefully clipped them off their original bases and put them on new round ones.  However if I had time I'd like to rebase them all in the same snow scheme as the grey hunters and thunderwolves, but with 13 bases to do tonight I don't really want to add rebasing 6 more models to the list.  I will probably go with a comprimise of basing the 6 new hounds the same as the existing ones, but then adding some snow flock to the base and painting the edge of the base grey, so it matches the rest of the army better.  That's the issue with leaving things so late.

Now with a long train journey, and basing to do tonight, I hope I'm not so tired that it affects my performance on Saturday.  Things I'm hoping to understand better after the tournament is whether the close comat thunderwolves and hounds are ok in the shooting environment of 6th edition, and whether the grey hunters operate ok without wolf guard and rhinos - what's your thoughts and experience on this ?


PS. The army list for the tournament can be found here.

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