Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Quick Rune Priest Conversion


After my heavy tournament schedule in Oct and Nov I haven't touched any of my 40k armies since then.  Everyone needs a bit of time away :)  I have played 3 Dystopian Wars games (but more about that in a later post), and I've come up with a new Dark Eldar list to test in 2013 (after a shocking slaughter at the hands of necrons in the one 40k game I have got in during the last 2 months).

However today my son wanted to do some painting so it was a perfect excuse to do a quick conversion on the opposite side of the table.  A while ago I got the Dark Vengeance Libby because I liked to pose with the outstretched arm.

The chest and loin cloth is one piece and glues straight onto the body and head section, while the sword arm is seperate with just a small pipe shaped bit of plastic for the sword arm to slide on to.  I made a new arm, using a generic pistol arm and a forge world axe.  I then had to drill a hole (using the large drill bit) at the diagonal angle to match angel of the bit the arm had to attach to.  The hole went from where the shoulder attached down the arm towards the wrist.

I tried cutting off the Dark Angels symbol from the chest, but as it's not flat that didn't work, so later I will obscure the symbol with green stuff.

Now, because I took the little extra time to drill a hole in my new arm, and didn't just cut off the bit the existing arm slotted onto, I can have either a force sword or a force axe for my librarian:

January will see me painting more of my red/blue space wolves as I have a 666 point tournament at the end of the month.

Until next time (which won't be so long of a wait).



  1. Its OK, but I personally think the arm and hand position look weird and off.

    Had I the same parts and intent, I would have the Pole-axe resting on the ground.

  2. I was hoping to make the pose a bit more dynamic. Without the army the post looks like he's running forwards casting a psychic power at the enemy, therefore I wanted the other arm raised as if was going to bring the axe forward, grab the the bottom with the other hand and swing it in a wide arc.

    I didn't want to mirror the sword pose of the weapon upright because I thought it would make the model look too static.

    In what way does the position look odd ? How do you think I could change the position to give the illusion of movement without it look odd ?

    Thanks for commenting.




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