Friday, 7 September 2012

40k Rulebook FAQ, with some rule changes rather than FAQ !!

GW has finally released an FAQ for the 6th edition rulebook.

What I love about the GW FAQs is that sometimes they just rewrite the rules rather than answering an FAQ.

In this case I like it wound allocation abuse through Look Out Sir has been toned down. Now Look Our Sir wounds are transfered to the nearest model to the character rather than anyone within 6".

Another nice change is that units of paladins, nob (bikers), wolf guard are not characters anymore. An odd one is that swooping flying monstrous creatures now gain skyfire - that came out if left field !

Now I'm wondering if GW just let the community be their playtesters for a couple of months. However if that's the case it means GW actually listened to their player base. That would be a nice scenario, and if true I would like it to continue.

Got to go and paint my converted Baron and 4 Razorwing Flocks for a tournament next week.


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