Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Razorwing and a Box of Bits...


The Starsmash tournament has been and gone. My view of how 6th edition is changing the tournament scene is much improved (further explaination and how I got on at Starsmash will follow in a later post).  For now I will say that while some things worked, such using haywire grenades to allow me to reduce my dark lances for more anti infantry worked up to a point, my list and tactics need more work.

First things first, and for my Dark Eldar that is anti air. There is really only two options, take more aircraft myself and take a defence line or bastion with an emplaced gun. So I have options my next modelling project is to build both.

While the Razorwing is a great anti infantry tool with 4 missiles, and in many of my games it was the MVP, I believe it's time to bring out it's big brother; the Voidraven. Better armour, higher strength lances, a void mine for the turn you fly off the board, while still being able to take missiles.  I could just take the Voidraven without missiles keeping the same cost as the Razorwing, but I'm going to add 2 Shatterfield missiles.

Converting a Voidraven from a Razorwing is nothing new, and both the Dark City and Dakka Dakka forums have good guides. I will be attempting the 4 engine variety, englaged tail fin, and extended nose incorporating a jetbike canopy. WIP pics will follow as I progress.

My fragile troops could do with some more cover as they advance up the field (no point having loads of haywire grenades if you can never make it accross the field), especially now that vehicle explosions are so lethal (in 5th a pentrating hit that destroyed a raider/venom would sometimes do nothing but force a pinning test, and otherwise only give a str3 hit, now a lascannon needs a 4+ on the pen chart to not only blow the vehicle up, same as before, but now puts a str4 hit on all the squisy occupants).  Therefore my second little addition will be a defense line with a quad gun. My quad gun will be an anti grav platform made from a hellion skyboard with 4 lances, finished off with reaver jetbike blades on the base.

I have about 5 or 6 weeks before my next tournament, which is also a more relaxed tournament, perfect for trying out new stuff. I hoping to both the Voidraven and Quad gun assembled reasonably quickly so I can get some playtesting games with them.

Have you had experiences with the Voidraven ? What's the best set-up ? What problems have you seen Dark Eldar have in the transition to 6th edition, and what's the best way forward ?



  1. I've always viewed the voidraven as dedicated antitank. I just play it without missiles. When shooting at ground targets, the missiles might add a little to your salvo, but since the raven's primary role is to lurk and intercept enemy flyers, blasts don't help that. Flickerfield is pretty nice on them. How DE move on with 6th ed, I'm not sure :D .

  2. I agree that the Voidraven is more anti tank, and that's why I'm putting it in (to help gun down enemy flyers). I just thought 2 missiles would be good for the times I'm firing at infantry or there's some infantry standing next to a tank (plus the str 7 may get an extra hull point).

    I could lose the missiles to give both flyers a flickerfield, which is a upgrade I've been considering. I'll see if the shatterfield missile do much otherwise I'll lose them for flickerfields.

    Thanks for the advice.


  3. I only used the Voidraven once in a proxy game, so my views may not be the most accurate. Anyway, I think that it's one of the best flyer hunters that we have. With the limited skyfire available to DE, the difference between s8 and s9 lances is huge. I'd keep the two shatterfields on it, as well. Not sure how things are going in the UK, but I'm seeing a lot of infantry spam in our meta. That way if you face an all infantry list, you will not have wasted 150ish points. In general, I find it's good practice to build all my units to take on a variety of targets just cause their's so many random builds at this phase of 6th.

    As for the transition to 6th, I have found that having loads of kabalite behind an aegis with Eldrad casting divination on them is retardedly good. (not sure how you feel about the eldar alliance) I have also found that every single one of our fast attack choices got buffed with reavers taking the lead.



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