Friday, 17 August 2012

Home Gaming

Sometimes work and social life conspire to stop me from making it to either of my two supposedly regular gaming night's (my local GW and my local club). However to mitigate that, and to fulfil most gamers ideal environment I've purchased a GW gaming table.

Having a table at home means that games can be organised on the fly against anyone that has an army and can get to my house. No more waiting for the next games night.

The board also means you can arrange regular matches easier, such as evert second Tuesday for a campaign night to add an extra dimension to your games.

I already have 2 trestle tables for the gaming board to go on, and terrain to cover most of it. I just need to put together that City Fight terrain box set I boughts years ago :) What I like best about the GW board is that it is better looking than the flat green mat.  The stone and rocky outcrops, plus the in-built hills can be assembled in a number of configurations by switching boards around and can add to the tactical play.

Althought the GW option is very expensive, starting out at £175 unpainted, plus the cost of paint and flock on top of that, it really does look the business, and if you look at the cost over the years of use I think it's worth it. However I would still say getting one of two armies up to a decent size would come first (until then a green mat or playing down the local club/GW would suffice), and I wouldn't consider the gaming board if I didn't already have 3 40k armies and another with all the models bought to get it up to a decent size.

In this current climate it's always worth looking around. Rather than buying my board new and then spending the significant time, energy and further expense to decorate it, I was able to pick my board (pictured) from eBay for £141 (incl postage).

Has anyone gone for any of the GW or other manufacturers gaming boards, and what did you think of them ?


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