Monday, 21 May 2012

A New Dawn ?

With a closer job and better weather, I'm writing this blog post in the lovely University grounds.
[My view as I write this post]
The university gaming club is not as competitive as my local club, so I didn't want to unleash my Dark Eldar tournament list, but then again I didn't to completely tone down my list, so instead I've decided to take my Tau.

I've been seeing a resergence in the Tau, only a minor one though. A few people have started playing them again, and a few are getting very good tournament placings with tbem. Whether that is lulling me into a false sense of security,but I have always liked the modes and the playstyle. The Tau's good performance may be due to tbe fact that they are very good against the top tier light vehicle spam lists such as grey knights or razorwolves. Alternatively it may be due to the few people still playing them are really good players who also know their army inside out.

With all this I'm sitting with my Tau army and they should be fighting on a battlefield in half an hour.  The list I'm using is below. A couple less railguns than my normal list, and one less crisis suit unit tban normal, plus 66% more firewarriors than I normally use at higher points values, however it's still my list so it's still optimised as much as I can with the units I've taken (no unnecessary wargear taken here), and a very healthy 75 models crammed into 1500 pts.

Have you seen any Tau resergence ? Or will my blue fish be turned into sushi against anything competitive ?

Uni Gaming Club Tau List

Shas'el "no plasma here" Rathstar
5 crisis suits, only 2 carry any plasma
10 firewarriors
3 units of 10 kroot, one unit has 7 hounds
8 pathfinders with devilfish
2 hammerheads, one with ion cannon
3 broadsides, for this game I thought I'd try out plasma rifles with multitrackers


  1. How'd the ion cannon work out for you?
    -Gundam John

  2. It's been good, especially for the price. The Ion Cannon Hammerhead does extremely well when it can get into the sweet spot of being able to move forwards 6" each turn and unleash 9 shots a turn.

    At 35pts less than the railgun it's nice. If you have enough railguns and other anti tank elsewhere in your list, I would definitely recommend trying one out.




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