Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Curse of the Wulfen Campaign Book [Space Wolves] - To Buy or Not to Buy ?


As more and more information comes out about the Curse of the Wulfen campaign book, the less I feel like shelling out the cash for it.  Like most gamers I have other game systems crying out for my hobby money, which is ever shrinking due to family commitments.

The limited edition Curse of the Wulfen camaign book (pictured above) looks absolutely stunning, however the actual contents is a bit disappointing from the point of view of a player.

I'm more than happy to shell out £35 for a box of 5 Wulfen, even through I think that price is a bit excessive, but what will I get for shelling out another £45 on the standard campaign book.  I will get:
[Includes background, so spoiler alert, don't click on the pic to make it bigger and (just about) readable
if you don't want to see the Wulfen background from White Dwarf]

  • The rules for the Wulfen - which I can get from White Dwarf
  • Some nice background, that probably the equivalent of any 40k novel
  • Some extra Echo of War missions, that I have never seen anybody play, and would rather play any number of alternative missions I already have
  • Some new formations "based on the Great Companies"
  • Lots of Daemon rules, formations & background that I am not that concerned about
For me, who's into playing with my Space Wolves, and not interested in Daemons, I don't think I get much over the £4 cost a White Dwarf for the Wulfen rules.

Unless the formations are very good that I want to put them in my army I won't be buying this £45 campaign book.  I was tempted with the Tau one, but this was has so little content that I probably won't get it even if one of the formations is very good, because £45 for a formation is more than my hobby budget can justify, when then is so much more that I can get for £45.  That £45 may still get spent in GW (eg. it's half way towards a Stormsurge, it's a second Ghostkeel, or second unit of Wulfen with change to spare for other games), but is this campaign book the best way to spend £45 on the hobby.

I just can't see that I'll get much enjoyment out of this campaign book for £45.

On the other hand if I had a Daemon army I would be tempted with their limited edition box set, which comes with a small format codex, all the daemon rules from Curse of the Wulfen (6 Dataslates and 10 formations), plus all the tokens, Warlord Traits and Tactical cards:

So will you be buying the Curse of the Wulfen campagn book, and why ?

I think the Wulfen themselves will sell well, but I'm not so sure about the campaign book, what's your thoughts ?



  1. It's the same as Kauyon for Tau as far as I can see. Do you spend £30 for an updated codex which is 99% the same as the old one or £45 for the new rules, extra formations plus a campaign. Neither seems tempting. The alternative is buying the individual WDs for the rules or getting everything "elsewhere".

    Rules will be in the Wulfen box I suppose. They seem very tempting. Ridiculous price tag but potentially convert 10 up from one box? Have some more normal ones that are early in the transformation?

    The rules look awesome with the bubble buffs. Will probably proxy and then commit if they seem fun.

    1. It seems so little new rules, but then more information has leaked over the last day or so (see my recent post).

      Like the Tau it's probably the formations that will probably be the big think, as the Company of the Great Wolf detachment's +1 WS for Wolf Guard and Thunderwolves is pretty big, however the move of the Iron Priest from Elites to HQ could be a pain.

      At least we can get the android version of the codex for £22. I may get that, and print out anything I need and put in my existing codex, which my current thinking is just the Wolkkin formation, and the Wulfen rules (that I could have got from WD).

      Seems a bit rough :(

  2. I don't play but this is the first book I have considered buying - the art looks amazing and I love the two book format.

    For me it's intriguing. It's probably a little above my price point $20.00 cheaper and I'd get it without thinking.

    1. I agree the art I've seen look great, and around the cost of a codex I'd be tempted for the overall package of art, narrative & rules.

      However I'm more of a narrative person that just art, and when I think of how many Horus Hersey novels I could get for the same price, and the fact that I'm probably only not going to use much of the rules I am in the same place as you in that it seems a bit too expensive for what I'm getting.

      Thanks for the comment.

    2. That's a good point I could get all the "good" paperback Heresy novels...

      Damn it GW I want to like you lol



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