Thursday, 12 February 2015

Moto.Tronica Scenery Pack Unboxing... and Boxing (Infinity Terrain)


With the new Icestorm starter set there a very nice scenery set, which is now available to buy seperately.

The scenery pack is called the Moto.tronica Scenery Pack, and contains all that is pictured in the picture above; 4 large buildings and 6 smaller crates, and a 3' by 2' mat.

The pack is available direct from Corvus Belli (the makers of Infinity) or many independant stockists, and should cost £9-10.

I got my copy a few days and eagerly opened it up.  The package was encased in cellophane, and as the mat is folded into 1/8ths it was quite compact (about the size of an A4 piece of paper and 1-2 cm thick):

I quickly laid the pieces out:

There were 2 of each design, and the pack game a quick reference sheet:

Each building/crate comes as one complete piece, so there is no cutting or glueing involved, and after a quick scan of the instructions I was away:

and in a few minutes I had assembled the lot:

The buildings are made out of thin glossy card, look good, and the main buildings even have stairs on them which helps from a gaming points of view.

Models will sit on them fine, but a clumsy hand could ruin one, and it means they have to be stored carefully so they don't get damaged by something leaning on them.

Overall, for the cost, I think this terrain pack is an excellent start to an Infinity terrain collection, and allows you to get started immediately.  And for the price of you wreak one at £9-10 for the set I'm teampted to buy another one for spares.

It allows you to spend more money on buying more models, particularly as alot of 40k terrain people has does not completely block Line of Sight.

I've bought some Infinity Holo Ads to complement this terrain:
and I can't wait to have some games of 3rd edition, which should at the end of this month.


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