Friday, 6 February 2015

Facing The Grey Tide: Painting Challenge - Part 03 - January (Wolves Progress & lists for 1k Highlander event )


Well it's been a quick 2 weeks since my last update, where my progress was less than stellar.  I had only started my Dec month challenge, but I had made changes to my painting area, if you can call it that:
[how it was - just a bit of a blocker to getting anything done]
and I had made the following progress by late Jan:

In the last 2 weeks I had a painting & catch-up evening with a mate, and I got a bit of painting done one evening this week (the only evening I didn't bring my work laptop home).

My 2 weeks of  progress

I have painted the silver on the belt feed, plasma cables & weapon nozzles, I've done the blue on the smaller power cables, I've done the shoulder pad edges, and, so I could show the final colour scheme, I painted light grey on the leader's weapons and one of the long fangs heavy bolter.

Still lots to do such as touching up the lighter colours (light blue & light grey), detailing, some washes, highlighting all the colours I have done so far etc., but here's he progress so far:
and you can just see 4 undercoated trueborn (part of the January challenge) in the background.

As I started the challenge in mid December, it's been 6 weeks for this progress - man I paint slow, but I suppose any progress is good.  I'll have to give the Wolves another game when I get these models painted.


For the 1000 point Highlander event I looked myself into I know I won't get enough of the new Dark Eldar models painted in time, plus I just couldn't see a Dark Eldar Highlander list doing at all well with the restriction of only 1 of each transport.  Therefore for that tournament I will be taking my Tau and I was think of something like:

10 Fire Warriors
17 Kroot (with Sniper rounds)
3 Broadsides with 6 Drones
3 Marksmen with 9 Sniper Drones

Let me know your thoughts on the Tau list, and for comparison here's the Dark Eldar list I was tempted to try out:

Archon (Agoniser)
1 Lharmaean & 4 Sslyths
  Venom (2 Splinter Cannons)
4 Grotesques
  Raider (Disintegrator Cannon)
Beastpack: 1 Beastmaster, 5 Clawed Fiends, 4 Krymarae
5 Warriors
5 Warriors
Ravager (3 Dark Lances)
Razorwing Jetfighter (2 Dark Lances)

Hoping for more painting progress over the next few weeks to catch-up.  I have the half term week off work, so I'm hoping once the kids are asleep I can do some painting each night, however the other half wants me to watch Supernatural with her, and there is that Game of Thrones boxset that my friend lent me...



  1. Painting slow is not a negative. Means you have more time to look over what you are doing, adjust ideas and concepts. Might end up going a completely different route over time!

    1. You're right, all progress is good.

      Whether I finish the painting challenge on time or not the fact that I'll have more of my Wolves and Dark Eldar painted that if I hadn't done the challenge is a big bonus :)




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