Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Year, Wolftime is here !!


It's January again, so it must be time to bring my Wolves out of hibination.  For the last 2 years the nice folks at VonWar have held a tournament at Triple Helix of 6-7 games of 600ish points.

I've used this as an opportunity to paint up some more Wolves.  Mainly the new Grey Hunters, as I started my Wolves nearly a decade ago when my GW HQ Grand tournament army was 2 blood claw units in rhinos, a small grey hunter squad in a rhino, a whirlwind and a Wolf Lord.

This year however Triple Helix has closed it's gaming centre, but no worry because VonWar has teamed up with a Bath club to run a one day 1250 point tournament.  These smalle tournaments are a great incentive to build up an army, and also try out something I haven't used before.  It's been nice using fenrusian wolves, and trying out foot marines.

Now going up to 1250 points I could have used models I already had painted (even if they were the smaller 3rd edition vehicles), but in the spirit of using the tournament to build up my Wolves I'm trying out Wolf Guard in a drop pod as an alpha strike, and even though the table size has moved up from 4'x4x' to 6'x4' I resisted the urge to use Rhinos.  Well the last point about Rhinos was impacted by a practice game against my mate's Nids where I got a rude awakening about the annoyance of getting your transport stunned and it effecting the transported crew (more from that game in a later post).

Another new addition is a Wolf Guard in terminator armour:
I'm concerned he's a bit expensive at 68 points, but we'll see how he does.  He was a quick conversion, combi-plasma for storm bolter, and swapping a powersword for a space wolf power axe (after cutting off the 2nd hand, and filing it down).  Finally I swapped the head for a Wolf head, and magnetised on a 3rd party Cyclone.

There's a lot of painting to do in the next 10 days, but hopefully I'll make it.  I was going to go some undercoating tonight after my painting session, however the British weather decided it wanted rain instead, so it's off to bed so I can hopefully do some more undercoating tomorrow morning before work.

The only bad thing about having to paint solidly on my Wolves is that I have my few Sisters models tauting me to continue making them.  So far I have 5 Sisiters nearly fully converted, 3 Repentia, 2 Death Cult Assassins & 1 Argo Flagallent.  Unfortunately they will have to wait for a while.


PS.  Here's the list I've submitted for the tournament, please leave a comment and let me know what you think:

Rune Priest - 100

6 Wolf Guard - 183
  5 in Power Armour each with a Combi-Plasmagun
  1 in Terminator Armour with a Cyclone Missile Launcher, Power Axe & Combi-Plasmagun
Drop Pod - 35

10 Grey Hunters with 2 Plasmaguns - 160

10 Grey Hunters with 2 Meltaguns - 155

10 Grey Hunters with 2 Plasmaguns - 160

4 Thunderwolf Cavalry, one with a Wolf Claw - 220

14 Fenrusian Wolves, including a Cyberwolf - 120

5 Long Fangs with 4 Missile Launchers - 115

Total: 1248 Points

The comp restricts the FOC to 1 HQ, 2-4 Troops & 0-2 for the other slots with no duplications outside troops allowed.

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