Monday, 20 January 2014

Forge World Blog #1 & Wolves WIP


Forgeworld is starting a weekly blog.  I received notification via my Forgeworld newsletter subscription.

"Forge World's Chris Thomas has put together the first post of our weekly Blog looking behind the scenes at Forge World"

It a very small blog entry, a quick picture of a designer putting the finishing touches to the Horus Hersey Book 3, a picture of a Work In Progress model from another designer's desk and a link to a previous video "featuring Calas Typhon - First Captain of the Death Guard and designer Edgar Skomorowski"

Time will tell whether any substanial information will come out in the Forgeworld Blog, or whether it's just glorified marketing.

However I do like the fact that GW is putting more information out, which is a nice change, and this has probably come about with White Dwarf also moving to a weekly schedule.

What do you think of this new Forgeworld blog, or the recent change in GW's printed publications ?

To read the blog for yourselves, here's the link.

Wolves WIP

In other news my Wolves painting is going ok, but I'll probably be painting write up until tournament.  My painting tracker says I'm on target to finish, but I have a few big jobs to do, which include painting all the weapons on the Grey Hunters & Wolf Guard, plus doing the green stuff work on my Cyber Wolf conversion to make a neck attaching his two heads to his body.  I'll be doing the green stuff and starting on the weapons tonight.

Here's a pic of the work so far:


PS. Here's a link to the blog post which has the army list I'll be using:  Army List Post

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