Saturday, 14 July 2012

WIP Baron Going For A Test Run

With the changes to Beasts movement and the challenge rules I have decided to try out the Baron running with my Beastmaster pack. He solves so many of their issues; leadership, grenades, plus he gives them the usual buffs of stealth and someone to accept challenges, as well as the usual +1 on the roll off for 1st turn.

Here's a pic of my WIP Baron conversion who will be leading my forces this afternoon. His weapon is made from 2 power swords and the middle section of a hellglaive and the skyboard has been enlarged with raider keel blades. I've ordered some reaver fins to add to the model and I'll add some more decoration (skulls/blades) to the skyboard.

 By the way I recently noticed that Beastmasters are characters so they can accept challenges from enemy characters to limit them to +1 combat res, allowing the beasts to rip the rest of the enemy unit to bits.

After half a dozen small games of 6th edition, I be getting experience of normal sized games, and I'm looking forward to seeing how my Dark Eldar translate to the new rules.


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