Monday, 30 July 2012

Harlequin Conversion & Artwork I Came Across


I mentioned in my previous post that I was thinking of adding some Eldar to my Dark Eldar army, and that I wanted to model these additions as Harlequins.

Browsing the internet for inspirations, and different checkered designed that I thought I'd have a chance of painting without it looking horrible I came accross this wonderful converted Harlequin avatar (from 4 years ago).  There's even a forum post by the painter showing how he converted the model here. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

[Source: Alabaster from Tau On-line]
I also came across this picture of a shadowseer that I want to use as a basis for my Shadowseer (counts as Farseer) conversion.  I think I'll use 2 phatasm grenade launchers as the pipes on his back.
[Source: Wolf Den Games 40k Art Gallery]

Colour scheme wise I'm not fully decided, but I am leaning towards a black undercoat start, with light purple (as in the converted harlequin avatar above) and bleached bone as a contrast colours, on shoulder pads, and small checkered areas.

Hopefully the new units will stand out as different, while still blending into the army with the dark colour scheme, and the shared purple colour.

Trying to find some cheap war walkers from ebay, but I may just have to bite the bullet and get come from GW.  Painting wise I have to finish off the blast bits of my Dark Eldar (Razorwing Flocks, Blasterborn & the Baron) to make way for these Eldar.

Are allies making into your painting table ?  What do you use for inspiration for colour schemes and conversions ?



  1. I have a whole army of "dark harlequins" you can use for inspiration...

  2. Your army's amazing, from the excellent conversions to the great painting. I particularly like your Archon and Cronos/Talos. I've only got half way through your project log, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest.


  3. Rathstar,

    I have a C'tan going spare, if you want to do a similar conversion.





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