Saturday, 16 June 2012

Unboxing the Dystopian Wars EotBS Cruiser

[An example of the stunning alternative Stat cards that can be downloaded (here) from the Spartan Games Forum]

After proxying my EotBS fleet with my mates Prussians I finaly got my ships in the post:
My first impressions were that they were very good value for money, and some of the ships, particularly the dreadnought and the sky fortress were bigger than I expected considering the price.

I got 3 cruisers in the starter box, and I had bought 3 more.  Although I could use them as two squadrons of 3, a full squadron is 4 models, and I was unlikely to buy more so I could use two full squadrons.  Therefore I thought two cruisers would be perfect models to try out some paint scheme ideas I had.

Taking the cruisers out of their blister I was impressed with the detail on the models:
[my picture doesn't really show the detail, so below is a picture from google which shows the model better]
[Picture taken via Google from Ant's Nest]
Resin models normally have more flash (well that's what I've experienced with GW forgeworld models), however with these models the flash was very minor, with only a slight amount near the prow, which will be easyily filed off.  You can see the slight flash at the front of the models:
Tomorrow I will quickly cut and/or file this flash off, and then clean the models with an old toothbrush and slightly warm water (definetely not hot, I don't want to warp my cruisers).  If the weather holds out I may even get the chance to undercoat them.


PS. My first Dystopian Wars battlereport will be coming shortly.

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  1. Get a few games in and you may very well consider the Tanuki Gunship to be far superior to the Cruiser, even in a large unit of 4.

    That's a tasty haul you have there.. look forward to seeing it painted up! Especially the sky fortress thing..



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